Monday, March 13, 2006

I like to touch touchy subjects....

I haven't said much about this before, but since I'm in it 100% (over my head even), I thought I'd share the petition with those who want to sign.
Now, people who read me, know I don't backdown easily.  I am receptive to other's opinions, but I hold firmly to my own beliefs.  Its called being flexible... or compromising.... to find the delicate balance between parties facing difficult choices.
So, that being said, I am linking the petition to stop other states from following South Dakota's lead on banning abortion.
Before people turn hateful towards me or anyone who may side with me, I will say this:  My opinion is that women should have the right to choose. 
I feel men have little or no say on this issue, because they cannot carry children. 
I feel religion has no part in the discussion because~ face it~ premarital sex is a sin (no ifs, ands, or buts about it), and most women who have abortions are not married.  Let's stop them from having sex first (Ha!)
I know at least one of my readers is personally anti-abortion, let me just say I'm not trying to offend anyone, or change their personal beliefs, I'm just putting this here for those who choose to utilize it.
This is my note to our governor (a former Bush White House employee, bleck!) that I wrote along with my signature:
Governor Mitch Daniels: I am aware you have initiated legislation similar to South Dakota's Anti abortion laws. This must not continue. Women should have the right to choose.
No men should have a say on this issue as it does not concern the males of our species, since it is not their bodies that carry children.
If Indiana continues forward on this outrageous issue, then I foresee you being a one term governor for our state.
Religious points of view shouldn't even be considered, as our Federal Constitution guarantees for a separation of Church and State.
The same goes for personal opinions... It does not matter what one believes personally as it is not about us as individuals.
Abortion abolishment could be the start of a war in our own country, and we certainly do not have the means to handle that with the Iraq fiasco.
Stop it before it gets worse.
Sign if you want.  Spread word to your friends if they feel the same.  This petition is seeking 20,000 signatures.  It has 16,408 at last count. 


djzgirl71 said...

I read about that and was horrified!  I am totally against abortion but I do believe that we as women should have the right to choose what we do or don't do with our bodies!!!!!


onecrazymomto5 said...

OK whether you believe in abortion or not is not even really the issue here!!  Does anyone else have a problem with the government telling me what I can and can't do with my body or my child??  Not only that but if they were to ban abortion you would just go back to the day of unsafe alley abortions.  We have come too far to turn backwards like this.  How in the world can we reverse all that was done, in the 21st century for God's sake?  I would like to see stricter guidelines and some things change with our abortion policies BUT not do away with them.  As a mother of daughters, I want them to have the option if that situation ever arises!  

quartrlyfecrysis said...

Of course I'll sign!  show me the line!

My personal opinions on abortion have nothing to do with how I feel about the legality of it.  I am 100% Pro-Choice and always will be.  It is a personal choice, not a decision that requires the nations consensus.

Well said Kitty, well said!

redbaranjj said...

I will sign!  I am not at all for abortion, but taking away a womans right to choose...that just doesn't fly with me.


nighterror5 said...

Hey Cat! As you said, everyone has a right to their own opinion on this, but I stand my grounds when I think that abortions should be against the law and stay that way unless it is medically necessary to do so. If the woman does not want a baby.. use protection, there are sooo many forms of birth control out there it is not funny and killing an innocnet living fetus inside a woman is horrible unless ofcourse it is rape or something of that nature. Too many woman use abortions as a birth control method and it is just wrong. Now this is just my opinion on this but abortions are very harmful to a woman's body too in many ways, one of them being future pregnancies, injuries to other organs and etc... NO, MEN should not have a say on this part, since they are the ones who helped the situation and they do not carry the child for 9 months but... I think the whole abortion thing is bogus crap. I am sooo against it. if you get pregnant, give the baby up for adoption, there are plenty of women in this world who would love to have that baby instead of it being killed by a mistake 2 people made in bed, being too damn lazy to use methods of birth control. Sorry Cat, but I flip on this, I had alot of medical conditions and prevented me from getting pregnant and hearing this crap urkes me to no end. Put the baby up for adoption, not murder and that is how I see it, as though many don't see it as murder.. it is alive, which would be murder =( Just my 2 cents... I still like you Cat.. like you said.. everyone has their opinion, this was mine.


nighterror5 said...

Ok.. and I do not agree with the whole thing that the Government can say what u can and cannot do.. but abortions is just UHHGGGG. Anyone should be able to make thier own choices but killing something you did that could have been prevented sucks.. this is how people have to look at it. if it is medically necessary, your OBGYN has methods to reverse the pregnancy =(

zosche973 said...

I'm with you 100%, a women has the right to choose what she does with her body;
I'm guessing most people in the J- land community will disagree tho; I doubt it will ever be overturned; I signed it anyway-thanx! ~Diane~