Thursday, March 30, 2006

Wasting time...

Cat, your palm reveals you are especially good at Exploring your psychic ability (they don't say)
Our psychologists were able to confirm what palmists have known for centuries: the lines in your palm reveal many things about you — including details about your future. (Blah, blah, blah)


Your palm shows that compared to others you have strong psychic abilities. While psychics do not always have the Line of Psychic Ability, those who have the line can more easily tap into their paranormal skills.  (Huh?)

I answered 10 pages of questions about my friggin hand, for this...
The rest of their informative results, I have to buy.
I really should've known better....  Palm test
More updates later.  I hope :)


lordofbutter said...

This is spooky!

quartrlyfecrysis said...

Look on your right palm...

do any of the lines come together (especially near the center of your hand) to form a triangle? ..that's supposed to be the 'mark' of someone with a 'spiritual' or 'psychic' connection.

I went through a spell of palm stuff and gems and stones..chakras and energies.  It's actually pretty interesting stuff, scary how right some of it can be.

lol..what a load of crap to type in all that stuff and then have to buy the results.  typical ;)
Have a great weekend!

redbaranjj said... wouldn't even let me try it!!  Says my email addy has already been used!  Oh well, maybe someone wanted to find out more about me...  LOL.