Thursday, March 2, 2006

A girl and her toys...

I have been playing with my new toy.  It's so light and easy to control.  I like the way it fits my hand, too.  I can access all its buttons with one hand, which is always a good thing...
Went to the circus today and I played with its variable speeds, but everything got blurry, so I didn't get as much out of it as I would have liked to, damn it.
Anyway, thought I'd share some vivid images with you all ;)
Picture from Hometown
We were not very close.  The tiger in the spotlight is a white one.  I zoomed in on him later on.  I'll admit, this was the first time I've been to the circus in my life.  Animal exploitation is partly the reason.... 
Picture from Hometown
This is a shot of all five tigers.  I used night mode because the place was so dark.  Again, the white tiger is the one in the light.....
Picture from Hometown
Here he is.  Isn't he beautiful?!  He was in a pissy mood, too.... note his ears ;)   The trainer kept using his whip thingymabob and the tiger kept taking swats at it.  I saw the trainer reach into his pocket and get something to put on the end of some sort of prod.  Then the tiger did what the trainer wanted.  I was pretty pissed, but Grace didn't notice it.
Picture from Hometown
I played with the contrast and brightness to try to get him in his real life tones....  I used the 2x zoom lens that came with my camera, in addition to the 8x optical zoom.  I wish I was this close for real :)
Picture from Hometown
We never did find the whole group from the school, but we did run into a couple of friends who also drove separate from the caravan.  The little red head is Gracie's school buddy, Breanna.  She is so damn cute and her mom just found out she's pregnant :)  It was good to at least have someone to sit with us, though.  I was thinking the girl and I would be on our own.  Nice to share the experience.....
Picture from Hometown
Tap class and all eyes are on the teacher..... Aren't they adorable?
Picture from Hometown
                                           A smile for Mom :)
Picture from Hometown
They do this routine to 'Walking on sunshine'.  The music stopped, but Gracie didn't want to  ;)   Go, girl!
Had you thinking dirty there for a second.....


redbaranjj said...

They are great pictures Cat!!  :)  Gracie is adorable!!  And her little group of friends....too cute!!  :)  

Those poor tigers...I know it's a part of the life we live, and this has been going on for years and years and years...but it pisses me off too.  That's why I don't feel bad for trainers when they get eaten.  I was always taught, and have been teaching Josh...a wild animal is a wild animal, and they should stay that way.  Wild animals should not be trained, or should they ever be pets!

Great pictures!  I loved them!!!


starlightgraphix said...

Great photos! I haven't been to the circus since I was 7 years old, much for the same reasons as yours. And clowns really  freak me out! I don't like those fake ass painted faces...they're scary. The tiger looks pretty pissed! That must have left alot of people of edge that noticed it besides you. You just never know with wild animals....  
Gracie looks absolutely beautiful! I can't wait until Carly is old enough to dance.  5 more months and she'll be 3! ;o)
(((Big Hugs)))

onecrazymomto5 said...

OK now I really am hooked on the camera!  It takes great pictures!  I know you must be very happy.

I agree with you on the tigers.  It is wrong the way they treat them.  I do like to watch the tigers though because they are so beautiful.  

Gracie looks so cute in her dance outfit!!  Dance girl!!

perkysgrl said...

Yup, you had us thinking dirty for a minute... but then I realized this wasn't your "dirty" journal... speaking of which, it would be nice to see something in there ;)

That camera takes some wonderful pictures Cat.

Miss Grace is too cute too... I love their ballet outfits... Rowan has to wear a red leotard, white tights and a pink skirt :X

Keep the pics coming,

djzgirl71 said...

I love the pics of the dance class and yes they are adorable!!!!!  Gracie is getting so big and she sure looks like her momma!!!

Miss you,

quartrlyfecrysis said...

Gracie looks sooo adorable :)  her hair looks cute in the circus picture :)  i like it all curly crazy in the pony diva-esque, dunno if I spelled that right ;)

The camera is great~you gots to go play more so I can see more pictures :)  Love them :)

That last picture...all i could, can 'gets down girl, go 'head gets down, gets down girl, go 'head gets down' :)

Have a great week Kitty~