Saturday, November 19, 2005

And the beat goes on....

Protest against Ad Banners, Article #2.....  

November 19, 2005

Angry AOL bloggers now push boycotts Stephen Baker

The anger over banner ads on AOL Journals is reaching a fever pitch. Bloggers are organizing boycotts of advertisers, presumably including Bank of America, whose ad appears on the Journals I've seen today. One even features flash art.View image I'm still not seeing any response from AOL.

Some Journal bloggers, of course, are less bothered by the ads. Here's a very funny post from an AOL blogger who shrinks from the idea of migrating to Google's Blogspot.

eww, I simply refuse to post an entry on something called "blogspot". I think I had a blogspot once...

Update: I originally posted the image as an art element on the post. But on second thought, I didn't think it was right to post ads as art (especially on a post about people rebelling against ads). So I changed it to a pop-up.

12:54 PM

The link.

Now, I know that not everyone minds the ads, or are against fighting to have them removed.  However, I feel that making light of this is not going to get us the type of press we need right now.  (I'm not saying you cannot have your own opinion, I am addressing the writer of the article... don't go hatin')

Still, just to have the issue still being discussed counts for something :)



onecrazymomto5 said...

I have no plans to remove my everyday journal.  I don't mind the ads there.  But I am removing my SIDS journal.  I am in the process of creating a website.  I will still have ads but I am not paying for them there.  I might even go so far as to pay for it so there are no ads.  I knew there were ads before I set up my site and looked at all the ads and am fine with them.  Not that I agree with all of them but they are not offensive AND I was forewarned there were ads.  I have not left j-land nor AOL but I am fighting the ads.  Not to the extent that some are but I AM doing my part to try and help to get them off here!!  I really hope that it works!!

quartrlyfecrysis said...

I'm so torn over whether to leave AOL still..... Really the only perks WE have for keeping it are the things we set up for Pey, everything else we can get for free, except the kids controls and AOL does have a great set up for kids on that KOL thing.

I agree tho to keep fighting to remove the ads.  I haven't canceled yet!  I want something done, I want the ads gone.  And I completely agree that even tho some of the things people are saying are funny, some are just not going to do anything but make people laugh this off as a joke.


thelovetrain said...

Hey lady, I'm digging the new set-up. This looks great, Cat.

... Thanks for all that you're doing, honey. I appreciate it. [:)]

~BIG hugs, Brian @---->---

PS: What are you doing on that side-image over there, -- scratching ~V~ off the top of, Sexpot of J-Land? [:P]... [:D]