Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Some other sites....

Whether you're planning on joining Armand in a new blog home, or Omar's suggestion of complain, complain, whine, then complain some more.  Or even my suggestion of making AOL pay for their advertising by deducting the cost from your monthly fee, here are some other blog spots for your perusal.....  

Now, I only checked out the sites home page, and I believe all of these are free, but I am not sure.    









Hey Nae, I'll take a tag that has a naked butt (cartoon will be best, if ya have one) and put some lip prints on it and it says "AOL can KMA!"  

Yeah, you inspired it... Thanks ;)  

They didn't stop to think what some of these ads may do to dial-up users like me. 

Like I need page loading time to slow even more....  



billandnae said...

And what better ass would there be to use than my own???  I got the purrfect picture...be back soon with banners for all!  And, I won't charge!

karynetaylor said...

oooh I will post the pic! Just think how creative us creative bloggers could get in telling AOL to kiss our asses!!

Thanks for the list, very informative. For those of us who will be shopping once we get done complaining!

~ Karyn

lvrs4evr28 said...

I was considering making an entry like this.  Great idea! ;)

there's also livejournal and deadjournal and myspace and yahoo 360 and bravenet

soooo many.  Aol is actually the only one that has the least to offer.  It's because of the people here I have stayed for over a year.  The community of people here on aol is actually the best!


onecrazymomto5 said...

I'm not going anywhere just yet!!  I LOVE all you guys and want everyone to come back here happy!!  Please I am on my knees pouting and begging!!

quartrlyfecrysis said...

my friend has been bugging me to do myspace again.... I just might.  but hey...i still have this email at comcast....  quartrlyfecrysis@comcast.net ....AOL has just pissed me off.  Chris'll definitely be happy not to have it taken out every month.