Friday, November 18, 2005

It's all relevant....


Here are some links for those interested.  

The first is a way to track what's going on with the ads.  It will link you to what folks are writing. Please, add it to yours, too....  click:  AntiJournalAds.


Second, is an article written about our situation in JLand.  We have gotten press!  (I know, I know, I'm late..... but this was the last thing on my 'to do' list for the day... even if it is tomorrow :)  click to read:  BusinessWeek.   


Third, and most likely final as I am tired now.... is an article from when AOL/TW acquired Weblogs,Inc.  I find it interesting, maybe you will to.  Click for that:  TW October  

Anyone who is interested in helping get rid of the ad banners, there is a group trying to do so.  You do not have to leave AOL, or move your journal (I got that straight from the top!).  All you need to do is add your voice (and name) to the list.  Of course, any input is welcome.  Click:  Stop Journal Ads


I think, for now, I am just using this journal to relay information to those who aren't leaving.  I got the idea from Brian, and I think its a good one :)  

If you want a sign for your journal, go here:  Untitled States  

K, that's it.  I marked it off my list....

Night all!  



elleme2 said...

I LOVE what you've done with those signs.  Very clever!

onecrazymomto5 said...

I am going to get a sign now!!  I found those articles interesting.  The TW one made it sound as though Webblogs bought all of AOL's journals not the other way around like the title says!  I am confused by that one and going back to read again!!
Miss You,

quartrlyfecrysis said...

Yeah, I think I realized soon after getting pissed that even if I leave AOL, or hell even if all of us did it wouldn't make much impact.  They probably got paid a lot more by th esponsors than we'd pay them in 10 years of monthly fees.  Still don't know if I'm going to stay on AOL or just go to AIM...but either way I'm keeping my arse in J-land.  

I joined the group but haven't signed the petition yet cause i'm not sure if i will cancel AOL if they don't pull the ads (don't want to be that person who signs and renigs on it)....i'm still riding the fence.  BUT, no one seems to have any convincing reasons aside from FTP space to stay with AOL.  I asked Joe about it and he pointed me to member benefits, and that did no good cause I didn't see ANY benefits that i really need to pay for anymore, other than FTP and Radio AOL I don't know what I'd be missing...LOL, except the bill!!!!

I love the signs, that's a cute idea!

dang, i need to write a list and actually follow it!


redbaranjj said...

Thanks for all the links Cat...made for some interesting reading.  

And those signs are the best!!  


randlprysock said...

Thanks Cat for the pictures for my journal!  They will be way better than the ugly banner!  LoL!  And I am just die-ing die-ing of curiosity to read the Business Week article!  Hey cool we got press!  We got press!  We got press!  I'm doin' a dance over here!  Wow! Too cool!  I clicked on it and didn't come up.  Shoot.  I'll be back.  Hugs,