Friday, November 11, 2005

Its a wrap, Kitty style....

Hello all.   First, let me thank all the Veteran's, and currently enlisted men and women, for their service.  I am honored by those who choose to defend our country.  I am sorry for the bad decisions our government, sometimes, makes.  My Dad was in the Marines.  In Cuba.... The Bay of Pigs.... click to read to the details.   

Short version, it was a disaster on our part.  It didn't last nearly as long as some of our other poor choices, like Vietnam and Iraq.  The bay of Pigs, or 'La Playa Girón', was a backfired hostile takeover of the government... and control.  And guess what?  We still have a base in Cuba, as well as Vietnam, Korea, Germany, etc.... That should tell you something about Iraq, huh?  

But it is history, and most of us don't care about history too much.  Pity that.  We could learn so much from our past mistakes if we could just acknowledge them....  

Anyway, enough of that.   

Last Wednesday, November 9th, my parents celebrated their 42nd Anniversary.  Funny that they made it this far.  There were times, when my brother and I were younger, when they argued so much we almost wished they would divorce... or at least separate.  They have withstood alot of self inflicted torture from each other, and to each other.  But they're still together.  It has been calm for a long time now....  

My parents met on a blind date.  Only they weren't supposed to be with each other.  My Mom was actually supposed to meet another person, but he got called to duty (he was also a Marine).  So,my Dad went in his place.  They were married five weeks later.  Way too soon in my book, but I guess it happens like that sometimes... Mom was 23, Dad 22  ;)  

So, I understand why they did the things they did.  They went through the 'getting to know you' stage while married.  They had to work the kinks in their relationship out while married.  That has to be rough.  Also, I credit my Mom alot.  She doesn't believe in giving up because some mistakes were made.  Some of those were hers, too....  

Moving on.  

Workwise, #4 played snoop for me and I found out that Lead teachers only need a degree, not necessarily in education or childhood delevopment.  They can also work 32 hours/week and be considered full time (for insurance purposes).  So, that is good news for yours truly :)  Now, if I could get our current Lead to abandon ship, all will be well....  

I'm not saying anything formally until I think Mrs. Lead is leaving for good.  But I do like the way things seem to be going.  It would really burn Asst #2, if I became the lead.  She knows I'm not intimidated by her ;)  #4 is in college, and next semester, she'll work opposite days that I currently work.  That sucks.  I really like her :)  

I am watching Dateline's "The Birth of Jesus", and I'm not learning anything I didn't already know.  A lot of what they're saying corresponds to the Quran.  But it is interesting and all about history.  Oops, there I go with that word, again....  

Well, I'd better go before I compile a complete timeline of the history of the world  ;)  

Ya'll know I can......  

Have a great weekend everyone :)  



chevyz71gurl74 said...

First of all i would like to say thank you to your dad
for serving our country ~ a true hero ~
Happy anniversary to ur parents also..Wow..42yrs is
amazing....and i thought Jeff and I being married for
10 was a great weekend

redbaranjj said...

Yay!!  I hope everything works out for you at the job Cat!!  I will keep my fingers crossed for you!
Congrats to your Mom and Dad.  Wow...that's a long time.  They are very lucky.  


sarajanesmiles said...

Congratulations to your Mum and Dad, that is really an accomplishment in this day and age isn't it!!  
Sara   x <-- loves history :o)
Sara   x

lordofbutter said...

In this day and age, your mom and dad are a rarity. Congrats to them!

quartrlyfecrysis said...

Happy Anniversary to your folks :)  42 years is incredible!

That's awesome news about the qualifications for lead..and insurance!!!  We just had to pay out of pocket for a visit for Pey and tests...AYE!!!!!!!!  Thank god it wasn't anything serious that required more tests!  

A couple of weeks ago I started watching this series on the History channel about the life of Jesus and then there was one called the Bible Codes..that was some cool isht, intriguing in the least ;)  Oh yeah, and John the Baptist, that was cool too.  Chris even watched it and I've never even heard that guy mumble something religious in his sleep ;)

Have a great weekend lovey :)

nighterror5 said...

Nice interesting entry, quite a few things to read here, I Love it! My Aunt and Uncle got married a few weeks after they met too, acutally my Uncle proposed the second date, hehe. Mt parents hardly ever argued and if they did, the only reason us kids would know it, is because they would not speak to each other. They never argues in front of us kids. Joe and I... heheh that is different story, and we argue over the dumbest things too, lol


onecrazymomto5 said...

Yes definite thanks to all the veterans and current enlisted!!  I'm glad your parents made it!  So few do anymore, we are quitters in this day and time.  How sad is that?  Good luck with the lead position!  I am rooting for you!!