Saturday, November 19, 2005

Something useful, for a change....



Anyone who is trying to follow journals outside of AOL can sign up for Changenotes. 

It operates similar to alerts.  Just add the url to your watchlist and you will be notified when the page updates.  

I am sure there are others out there.  This one was recommended by a good friend and former fellow Jlander  ;)  Thanks!  

The downside is, it only notifies once a day. 

But hey, it beats not knowing at all, doesn't it?  

I understand how big of pain in the buttocks this is, believe me.  I also understand how many people don't read if there are no alerts ;)  And it is better than sending out emails to everyone for each entry....  

Ok, I tried.....  



onecrazymomto5 said...

OK I will give that a try and add you my list!  I need to go find Stacy's journal again and do the same!!  Thanks for the link.  I joined the AntiJournal Ads group too!!  

grooviernoodles said...

You're so welcome.  :)

There's supposed to be another good one in, I think, blogspot or blogger or something, but it involves RSS Feeds and a bunch of other stuff that's wayyyyyyy over my head.  With Changenotes, you can set it up as a webmaster to have your readers get your alerts, much like the AOL Alerts, and add a link in your blog for your readers to click to add your blog updates.  (Did that babble make ANY sense whatsoever??)

Just FYI... Changenotes is a free service, but there are ads at the top of the mail.  And, not to be the bearer of more bad tidings, but I got an AOL Alert today for a j that had updated and noticed a <gulp> banner ad at the top of the mail.  I had many alerts in my mail, but just the one had the ad.  At least, that was the only one I noticed.  I hope to God it was just a glitch.