Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Final Frontier....

1.    http://animalnaturespirits.blogspot.com/   

2.    http://chasenkidslife.blogspot.com/  

3.    http://judithheartsong.blogspot.com/  

4.    http://intheshadowoftheiris.blogspot.com/  

5.    Holly!  (Sorry girl, that link was long!)  ;)  

6.    http://detachedandindifferent.blogspot.com/  

7.    http://allthelittlethings2.blogspot.com/  

8.    http://derasta.bravejournal.com/  

9.    http://jenniferandwalter.blogspot.com/  

10.  http://angelia_rian.bravejournal.com/  

11.  http://armandt.blogspot.com/  

12.  http://spaces.msn.com/members/fairyluvr/  

13.  http://crapjustletmein.blogspot.com/      

14.  http://www.dragonrose3911.blogspot.com/  

15.  http://pixiedustnme.blogspot.com/

16.  http://gabreaelsbodymindandspirit.blogspot.com/      

17.  http://angel-alilcountrycharm.blogspot.com/  

18.  http://takeastandagainstliberals.blogspot.com/  

19.  http://avisionarydiva.blogspot.com/  

20.  http://schnozbeary.blogspot.com/ 

21.  http://simplepleasuresoflife.blogspot.com/    (Angel, also)

22.  http://journals.aol.co.uk/viviansullinwank/NwanyiomasInternationalJournal/    

It is a great idea to move to the Int'l Journals, Pam and Viv!!   ;)

23.  http://beyondthecrackedwindow.blogspot.com/  

24.  http://thenakedtruthadietersnightmare.blogspot.com/  

25.  http://reflectionsofari.blogspot.com/  

26.  http://www.bloglines.com/blog/LilJessie  

27.  http://msyahtzee.blogspot.com/  

28.  http://befuddledlouie.blogspot.com/  

29.  http://outmavarin/blogspot.com  

30.  http://tawnyasjournal.blogspot.com/      

31.  http://journals.aol.co.uk/floralilia/FreelyFloraliliadoesEurope/

32.  http://singingwithmyheart.blogspot.com/  

33.  http://theresawilliams-author.blogspot.com/  

34.  http://inanethoughtsandinsaneramblings.blogspot.com/  

35.  http://lyndaslullaby2.blogspot.com/    

36.  http://siepfft.blogspot.com/      

37.  http://adventuresinjuggling.blogspot.com/  

38.  http://makingofahome.blogspot.com/ 

39.  http://redsneakz.blogspot.com/

40.  http://itsallaboutmeithink.blogspot.com/  

41.  http://blog.myspace.com/hunybea4him  

42.  http://darkmoondesigns.blogspot.com/    (angeliarian, also)  

43.  http://kickingthedog.blogspot.com/  

44.  http://copiouschatter.blogspot.com/ 

45.  http://moreonflamingorow.blogspot.com/  

46.  http://www.xanga.com/screaminremo303 

47.  http://bitoblarney.blogspot.com/  

48.  http://www.jeffcomedy.com

49.  http://allthingsjustkeepgettingstranger.blogspot.com/  

50.  http://thelifeandtimesofflava.blogspot.com/  

51.  http://livefromtheu.blogspot.com/  

52.  http://journals.aol.co.uk/courtenaymphelan/SERENDIPITY/  

53.  http://ellipsissuddenlycarly.blogspot.com

54.  http://bedazzzled1.blogspot.com/  

55.  http://allthelittlethings2.blogspot.com/  

56.  http://annalisa135.blogspot.com/  

57.  http://conniesthoughtsalad.blogspot.com/  

58.  http://www.stupidsheet.com/  

59.  http://journals.aol.co.uk/jlocorriere05/Welcometomytravels  

60.  http://journals.aol.co.uk/mariebm56/PhotographsMemoriesToo/ 

61.  http://askmrslinklater.blogspot.com/

62.  http://www.xanga.com/MsPeachy

What is all this you ask?  

These are fellow J~Land friends.  Family.  Who are leaving because of the ad banners.  Yes, that is mine listed at #13.   

I know I missed some people.  Alot of people.... so this entry is to keep record of all the people who leave.  If you have a new home, or know someone who does, please leave me their new link.  

It is also a place to keep all my favorites who are walking out J~Land's door....  

And because I am lazy like that  ;)  

The reason I won't write here is because for each time my page is loaded, an advertisement pops up there.  Those advertisers get paid if anyone clicks on it.  AOL gets paid to have them here.  

I have not heard of a reduction in price for us.   

I have not heard of the space I pay for, receiving any type of kickback for allowing it to be used by a third party.  (and I'm one of AOL's cheap, dialup customers)  

I have not heard a reason for allowing them to be there at all.  

I had my x-rated, PRIVATE journal TOS'd without consult or consent, so why is it that I can be bombarded with companies whom I would not personally associate or advocate?  

I will not pay for hypocrisy.

I have sent this to the email address,  journalchanges@aol.com  

Please do not tell me to do so in my comments.  If I know anything, it is how to complain.  

Hey, at least I only do it when it is necessary  ;)  

Kitty's outtie.  For now....  



thelovetrain said...

Thanks, Cat.

... I'll give you my new link, when I get set-up.

~XO, Brian @---->---


quartrlyfecrysis said...

I'll send you a link as soon as I set up another blog :)  have to check out this blogspot thing you speak of.

This sucks....I've gotta change so much and save so much...meh, they couldn't make it complicated could they?! ;)~

I ain't paying for something I don't have to.  Hell, cable is expensive enough, may as well use the services.

I complained...not like it mattered, but whatever, I ain't paying them no mo.


grooviernoodles said...

And then there are those of us who had the foresight to leave AOL J-Land months before it all hit the fan.  Granted, I left because of something other than banner ads, but let's face it -- AOL and I don't always get along.  I love my banner-free, non TOS-compliant site.  :)

Seriously, I am really sad for you guys that it came to this.  Normally I try to take the middle ground and just shut up about things like this (Read: I'm chicken-shit and don't want to offend anyone), but I have some stuff to say about this one.  I'm gonna do my best to get it out in my blog tonight, but I have so freaking much to do tonight I'm not sure I can.

Hell hath no fury like J-Land scorned.  I'm on your guys' side.  Hang in there, Miss Kitty.  :)

sarajanesmiles said...

I hope you don't have to be gone too long :o(
I can never keep up with journals that aren't AOL ones, because of the alert thing.
Sara   x

onecrazymomto5 said...

AHHHH everyone really is leaving!!  I hope AOL gets the drift.  I pay a fortune for cable internet and then AOL gets another $25.00 a month for this!  I am frustrated but I don't like change with things that are comfortable!  So for now I am staying here - although I am complaining!!  Mostly that all my friends left!!  And right after the VIVI's too!!

thinkingoutloud said...

Oh geez ;0)

I still can't see them anywhere.
It has to be my Norton AV.

Thanx for links above.

redbaranjj said...

The community we once knew of is no more...once a strong bond...broken.  In one day everything changed.
I still haven't fully decided, but for now I am staying and waiting and seeing what happens.  I did sign up for the same place you are...but it doesn't feel like home.  :(  
I will let you know what happens...and I will always visit you where ever you may go...you are my family.  :)


nighterror5 said...

AOL sucks -( I think they should have asked everyone for their input since it is members who are making AOL as big as they are ya know, but just an opinion. Sorry to see you all hurt thru this crap!