Friday, December 3, 2004

Baby, I'm amazed....

By way of Star's place from Sugar's place (private)......... Who is your inner Pagan Goddess?

Isis - Isis is the Egyptian primary goddess. She is known for her sharp wit and ambitiousness when she usurped her throne from her father. She is a regal, brave and proud figure, not to mention intelligent. When her husband Osiris was killed by his brother who had trapped Isis, she bid the servants to escape, taking along her jewels, and she herself left behind to confront Sate.?


I am blown away..... you have no idea.... Wow.  Don't think I'm really crazy here, because I get that some people don't believe in these things.  Well...see, I have had a reoccurring dream since I was about 4 or 5 (that's when I remember them starting anyway).  I'm not going into great detail here. Those who want to know can write me (or IM) and I'll tell them.  But in my dream, I'm a female, in some type of high power or royalty, and I have slaves, lower class Egyptians and Israelites, I presume.  I have this dream often and its always the same....   Too bizarre!

Picture from Hometown

I have to go think on this one......



sarajanesmiles said...

I'm Juno, the Greek Goddess of Motherhood!!
Would have liked Isis, as I know a little about Isis and Osiris, from reading a series of books based in Egyptian times.  Very interesting!!
Sara   x

visionarydiva1 said...

I tried to get to the site but my computer is acting crazy. O Well nice to see yours.

thelovetrain said...

Me? I'm none other than...

"Blodeuedd - Blodeuedd is the Celtic Pandora. She is created by Gwydion son of Don as a wife for his nephew, prince Lleu Llaws, because Lleu's mother decreed that he will not have a mortal wife. She was made from oak blossoms and assorted flowers, therefore was unearthly beautiful. However, she was unfaithful to Lleus and was transformed into an owl."

Then again, Blodeuedd  couldn't keep her powerful, loose panty's on so, she isn't entirely like immaculate 'Goddess Me'.

So, got a little Goddess dream fantasy thing going on, do you? You were made for my 'Love Train' Group. There was a slave advertising about a month ago, looking for a Goddess of his very own, to buckle under to. I won't give you the graphics on exactly what it was that, he wanted his Queen to do to him, though.

Okay, write me with the details. I'm goo-goo eyed in eager anticipation of what our mighty feline Goddess might do with slaves (and such).

~Vestal 'B'

swebb1989 said...

Oh Cat I just love your journal so much you just have the best little quizes. I am Diana the sister of Apollo and apparantly I can be a big bitch at times which is so true but I protect innocences...Hmmm whatever! I love these little quizes lots of fun on your J!

viviansullinwank said...

So now you have an answer to your dreams!  Do you still have that dream  or did it stop some time ago.   If it did , then it might re occur now that you have this answer!   Thanks for stopping by my blog today Cat!