Saturday, December 11, 2004

Questions, not wishes....

This '3 questions' thing is making its rounds here, I'm joining in....   I have yet to ask any questions, either others have asked what I would've, or, well, I just don't like being 'nosey-like'.  But I find it an interesting thing that other's have made up some (I'd never think to ask) questions like "Do you believe in UFOs?"  Now, that kind of creativity I can get into.    So, ask me any three questions you'd like--no subject taboo.  If you feel too personal, ask in email (though depending on what I think, I may write the answer(s) here.   And feel free to send others as most of you who come here know me fairly well.   I'll answer them soon...   Picture from Hometown Tag from Stacy Isn't it so cute?!


danielled1 said...


I'm dying to hear your three questions, so put that thinking cap on and get as nosey as you want lol.

And for you:

1. Tell me something wonderful about your day today...

2. What do you think would never be possible for you to do, but you'd love to do it anyway?

3. If you could live one day in someone (anyone) else's shoes, who would choose?


sarajanesmiles said...

Excellent!  Right, what can I ask...!
1.  If you could be extremely talented at any one thing, what would that be?
2.  What has been the highlight of your year?
3.  If you could re-live one year of your life, knowing what you know now, what would that year be, why that year, and would you change anything?
Sara   x

thelovetrain said...

Thank you for the offer dear, however, I think that you've come to know my ways, at least to some degree. If I like someone and I want to know something, even it's private, I'm going to ask. I'm the same way with my friends. My life's an open, honest book for them to read from.

This is part of what caused a big problem when I first arrived at AOL Journals. It was more than just a joke-thing. I brought up a topic in 'her' journal that one of our top, faux award winners had thought that she had written about in a less visible place and, it blew her superficial, journalist mind. Hence, some of her associated public frauds, immediately blocked me in an effort to avoid having it happen to them too.

Unfortunately for them, that method only inspires me to expose someone for, who they actually are. I think that 'some' of them are aware of that, now though. A few others? Their just too dumb to figure it out but, given enough time, I still plan to school them.

'Karma the bitch', sometimes, relentlessly moves through me. [:O]

~ALWAYS straight-up, 'B'

thelovetrain said...

Sorry Cat, typo in paragraph 3 - "They're just too dumb..." [;)] ~B

valphish said...

I did this as well, Cat, and actually learned about myself. Here are my questions.  If you don't feel comfortable answering them, that is okay.  If you want to, great!
1.  What are you dreams for Gracie?
2.  What is your favorite possession/why?
3.  Do you have any regrets?

emeraldcalf said...

Ok I have got some questions.... I did this too: (and it's not being nosey to me-so ask away!)

1. You are told you MUST give up either sight or the ability to talk. Which do you chose?

2. Favorite line out of a movie?

3. Guilty pleasure you could never give up?


P.s I didn't know I didn't have you on alerts. So, I will be back...!