Friday, December 17, 2004

Saturday Six

1. What is your all-time least favorite Christmas Carol or holiday song?  I think 'Deck the Halls' is boring, and the background singers to Elvis Presley's 'Blue Christmas' drive me insane (otherwise, i like the song)

2. Who is the most difficult person on your shopping list to buy a gift for, and have you already purchased his or her gift, yet? My mom.  She is the queen of yard/garage/rummage sales, so it is always hard to find what she likes... or wants (unless she tells me). She isn't happy if we spend money on her....

3. What picture are you least proud of:
   A) Your most recent professional portrait<~~ OMG!!!
   B) Your driver's license photo
   C) Your passport photo
   D) Your work ID photo
   E) Your senior class portrait
4. How many Christmas/holiday parties have you been invited to this month and how many have you (or will you) attend?  1 and 1

  5. A previously-unknown rich relative appears and offers to buy you the car of your choice.  What would you like? 2005 Mustang

  6. What is your favorite thing to wear around the house when you know no one else is at home?  Is that what you're wearing as you answer these questions?  sweats or PJ bottoms because someone is always home.


viviansullinwank said...


Thanks for stopping by my journal today. I've enjoyed my visit here at yours. Your Christmas pictures of your home are much charm and big rooms...they don't make homes with the splendor of the Victorian era any more.


emeraldcalf said...

My mom is hard to buy for also. She buys EVERYTHING...