Friday, December 31, 2004

New year not resolutions...

Resolution (n).  a resolving; fixed determination; firmness; formal proposal put before a meeting.  

I've been reading a lot about resolutions today in Journals across J-Land.  Some choosing to make them, others not having any part.  

Personally, I don't make resolutions.    I do make choices to continue or cease an activity.  And not only at this time of the year.  I thought we all did it on pretty much a daily basis.  So, I never really got what the big deal was over New Year's Resolutions.  I understand why... new year, new start...  but we're the same people in the same lives..... regardless of the date.   

So, I wanted to share some choices from years past, I've upheld (to date)--oldest listed first, but not necessarily in this order:  

1.  To give more of myself to others, expecting nothing in return.

2.  To volunteer my time, knowledge, to help another out of the dark.  

3.  To give what I can, what I have, what I know-- freely to anyone.

4.  To not engage in sexual activity until marriage (or committed partner).

5.  To be the best parent I know to be, and take (ask for) advice when I need it.

6.  To be me, and be happy, or at least content, with that.

7.  To always look for the good in a bad situation.

8.  To remember where I came from, honoring those who walked before me.

9.  To forgive.

10.  To tell the truth.... at all costs, even if it only makes one stronger in the end.  

There's more, I'm sure.  But those are the ones that are conflicted the most in my life....  



redbaranjj said...

I don't make resolutions either...but your list is a good one...some I need to work on myself...  :)

Happy New Years Cat!!!


vernae69 said...

Same here, why should we do it on this day? What about June 4th, or  October 6th, everyday you should think about being a better person!

thelovetrain said...

Who's in who's mind now?... I want to do that too.

~Psychic 'B'

visionarydiva1 said...

I am not exactly where I stand with making new year's resolutions but I enjoyed reading your list and I am glad that these are things that you have already accomplish and are continuing to do. Especially the part of you being you and being content with it.


danielled1 said...

Happy New Year!!! Love the resoluctions :)


sarajanesmiles said...

I definately agree about resolutions.  Am planning lots of changes, but no resolutions :o)
Happy New Year to you and Gracie!!
Sara   x

sugar1337 said...

Those all sound great!  :)