Monday, December 13, 2004

An eye for an eye....(**language**)

So why is that Scott Peterson gets the death penalty and Susan Smith gets to sit in prison for the rest of her life wasting our tax dollars??  

For those who don't remember Susan Smith, she's the stupid fuck who drove her two boys into the lake and listened to them scream and cry for her until they drowned.  

What is the difference?  Someone make this make sense to me!! 

She should've been strapped into a car and drowned for what she did.   If its because she's a woman--that's a dumb ass excuse.  

Here's an idea.... let's strap her in the chair on Scott's lap and try saving us taxpayers some money for a change.......  



pixiedustnme said...

oh but she's a mother so she MUST have been mentally impaired when she did that to her own children.  I have a better idea, let's just reinstate stoning

thelovetrain said...

Bewildering how justice & injustice, so often go hand-in-hand.

~Discombobulated 'B'

sarajanesmiles said...

That sounds just awful.  I wouldn't like to start trying to guess which murder is worse, none of it makes even the smallest amount of sense to me.  It's just very sad, and we all mourn those little ones that should still be here.  Very sad.
Sara   x

quartrlyfecrysis said...

I completely remember the Susan Smith case.  I was outraged, but I still think that death is to easy an escape for murdering your children.  I'm sickened by these women that are excused or let off easy for murder, and of a child...their flesh and blood, no less.  Any female that can do that to her offspring is not worthy of the titles woman and mother.  Where is the justice for the innocent?!  Justice for the children who's lives ended at the hands of the person they loved more than anything in this world.  It makes me sick.
I like the idea of strapping her to  Peterson's lap ;) now THAT'S original!  I'll take the 2 for 1 special ;)
Powerful entry doll~

vernae69 said...

Oh, I remember her very well, my oldest was a little over a month at the time, I cried for that woman.  Shame on her!  What they shoulda did, was given her a hysterectomy, then sent her to somewhere in Haiti to live.

valphish said...

Oh, I remember the Susan Smith case, too.  And she did it because she had a lover who didn't want children!!  OMG!!!  How horrible!!  Some people don't have consciences!  The poor babies in both of these stories and poor Laci, we don't even know how she died?...breaks my heart.  May they all rest in peace forever.

alilcountrycharm said...

Hi there! It's been awhile since i've been here...i've sooo been trying to catch up with everyone!  I remember the Susan Smith case very well! That sorry excuse DID need to get the death penality! I actually thought she would be "taken care of" once she got to prison!! How wrong was i on that one!?
SP will have to look over the bay where he killed his wife and baby boy...eventually he'll die...but until then...what a great punishment for that sick ^%$!!! May god have mercy on his soul! He'll surely NEED it!!
HUgs & Blessings (((cat)))

delela1 said...

What's really sad is that there are women on this planet who deserve to be a mother, but nature has dealt them a cruel fate which physically prevents them from having children.  I remember the Susan Smith case sickened me.

djzgirl71 said...



swebb1989 said...

Cat, you know why Susan gets life? She confessed, so we show mercy to those who don't waste the people's time with their lie. Yes, she lied to the country at the beginning but she couldn't get away with lying to her community and they caught her in the lie in the end and cracked the case.

Scott Peterson never admited to any wrong doing and held on to this deception to the end. That enraged people mainly the jury because it showed that he had no consciousness of guilt unlike unlike our friend Susan smith who drowned her 2 kids and admited it. So we reward his crime with death. Anyone that thinks thatn our crime should not have these weights and balances should visit a prison in Turkey and then you will appreciate the system that you have here in the USA.