Sunday, June 19, 2005

For Daddy, from his girl...


Thanks for being there for us.  Thanks for always being there for our friends as well.  When their parents would kick them out, you would always let them stay with us.  So many of our friends wished you were their Dad, too.  It was very nice having the 'cool' parents.  

Not that you ever let us get away with anything~you only let us think we did.  To teach us some valuable lesson we would not discover until older, with our own children.  Boy, and how, do we know now :)  

Thanks for teaching me to drive a car, more so for driving in the snow.  And for my knowledge of guns, how and when to use one, and the ability to pull the trigger under pressure and still hit my target.  You're the best!  

Thanks for always telling me "Not too bad... for a girl"  Some may have looked at this as demeaning, but I knew you did it so I would try harder, just to prove you wrong ;)  I did, too, didn't I?!   

Thanks for being the best parent I've ever had, even though you never wanted kids.  Sure hope we made up for that in our adulthood's :)  I never worried about Gracie not having a father in her life, because I knew she'd have the best father figure I knew~YOU!  

Thank you for your patience in letting us find our own paths in life, even when our choices disappointed you~you were there.  That is what a great father does.  Shows his presence without interference.  

Thanks for recognizing when we needed help, even if we didn't ask for it.  Same goes for advice, you never pushed your opinion onto us, just made it known.   Don't know where I'd be today if you weren't in my life. 

You are the one who straightened me out when I was wandering, lost.  It was you who inspired me to go to college and pursue my love of learning.  It was you who told me to continue my studies in the fields I loved most.  

You are the person who taught me to love reading, writing, and music, all different types of music, too.  Even through the rough times as a teenager, you're stature never changed.  You knew I was capable of so much more than I gave, even then.   

You, Dad, got me to where I am today and I thank you.  

I love you, infinitely.......  



sarajanesmiles said...

This is beautiful Cat, words written from the heart always are.
Very touching.
Sara   x

billandnae said...

Very sweet, Cat.  Thank your Dad for me, too, for bringing you into this world!

redbaranjj said...

What a beautiful letter for you father!!  

missboogerhead said...

Your dad and mine sound like kindred spirits!  :-)  He sounds awesome!  You are very lucky!
~Miss O

onecrazymomto5 said...

  That was beautiful.  Sounds like you have a great DAD and isn't Grace blessed to have him for a grandfather.  Happy Fathers Day!!

mum24boyz said...

:::getting tissue:::

quartrlyfecrysis said...

That was so sweet Cat.  Sounds like you're dad was in-freakin-credible, but I always kinda figured being the incredible woman you are :)
Happy Father's Day Papa Kitty ;)~