Thursday, June 2, 2005

It's been how long?

Wow~ it's been awhile for me... but it's been a busy week.  Still.  

We went to Grace's dress rehearsal Wednesday night at 6:00.  Now, she usually is in bed by 7:30, so she was really tired.  The music started at 6:30, we didn't leave until 8:45.  That was without rehearsing in the Grand Finale, but she was worn out... and we left. 

It was so cute!  And now I want to sit and watch the whole thing!  I loved the sets and the lighting.  I used to be in the Stage-crafters Club in high school and have always admired great set designs.  I used to want to do it for a living, until I realized a lot of people volunteer, so I did that for awhile.   

Anyway, I took some pictures I will post here soon.  I even videoed about 40 seconds of her crocodile routine, not very well, but I did :)  If I knew how to get it on here, I'd embarrass my filming technique just so you could see them ;)  

They're selling tapes of the recital for $25 each routine (don't even get me started there), and since I know it will be much better quality than mine~I'll shell out the $50 and be done with it.  Highway robbery, it is...  

Did I tell you Grace got burned by the grill at my friend's engagement party?  If not, she did...  It's a 1st degree tear-drop shaped burn mark on her right shoulder.  The only thing that saved it from being 2nd degree was the fact that she was wet from the hot tub.  She actually sizzled the millisecond she touched it...  

We iced it, she got back in the hot tub and never mentioned it again, until we got home... then the drama princess took over for sympathy from Nana and Poppy~tears and all!  Aye dios mio...   It is healing well. 

Being dark skinned, the new skin is so pink in places~she told me she's a dalmatian now because she has spots  :)   

No shop talk from me in awhile, so next week I'll start up again.  We've got a lot of new kids now~so I'll update my pictures, too...  

Payday tomorrow~huge smiles  :)  Then grocery shopping~yuck...    

Readying for our trip east next week.  I will find a way to see you Nae, if only to share a few hours girl... can't be that close and not try!  :)   So, sorry I haven't been around. 

I miss you guys and have been trying to keep up with your lives, even if I don't let you know I'm there.   

Happy day, ya'll....  



redbaranjj said...

Aww!!  Gracie's program sounds so cute!!!  Poor thing tho with the burn!  Ouch...that had to have hurt!  
Grocery shopping here too...God, I hate that job more then anything...wanna do mine too?  ;)
Hope you have a great time on your trip!!!  

gaboatman said...

I hope your little performer does well in the big show.  Good to have you back again, Cat.

quartrlyfecrysis said...

GAWD, $25 for the tape!! holy isht!
well I can't wait to see her pictures :)
Have a great weekend Cat~

billandnae said...

Yeah, I got a video to play once in my J and now it doesn't work.  I even contacted the Almighty John Scalzi about it, he said no can do.  Which blows, cuz I got some great vids...of Bill...need I say more?

We will find a way Cat.  singing "I'll drive all night".......Celine Dion?


nighterror5 said...

Yea $25 for a tape is outrageous, I had to pay that too for my daughter's dance recital but it is well worth it in the end, you have it forever! She will most enjoy it when she is 20 and you show her what she did, she will just love you =)
Grocery shopping? Aww can I go? I love to shop, no matter what it is for!
have a good weekend Cat!

P.S. thanks for the e-mail to nae about that recipe!!


missboogerhead said...

Glad to see you back!  Give your Dalmation our best!  That is too cute! :-)  So if they don't offer a CD/DVD you could spent the $ and burn some disks and sell pirate copies to the cheap parents!  :-)  J/K  LOL  It's a good idea tho!
~Miss O

mum24boyz said...

poor thing, hope the burn feels better soon..ouch!

hestiahomeschool said...

There are now over the counter products that make scarring less.  They go on like a band aid. My DH says that it might help your little dalmation :-) He is a pharmacist.  Burns are painful!

onecrazymomto5 said...

  Gotta love the whole buy this and that thing.  As though you probably didn't pay a fortune for the outfit she wore!!!!  Why do they have to rip us apart????  Can't wait to see the pics.

djzgirl71 said...

Poor Gracie....hope it heals nicely.  Sure wish you could mosey on over this a way to see me!  Miss you too!