Monday, June 20, 2005

Pint sized pissiness...

I've lost my Belwe font, and I don't know where to find it :(   It was my favorite, too. 

I like this one, but the other was my font... know what I mean?

I've put my sloganizer in my about me section, so we don't have to keep going back to an entry ;)  But, I wish it wasn't so long!  Takes up too much space.

You know how I complained about Mondays at work?  Today is no exception ;)   We only had 8 kids, that is half of normal count, and I swear to you~it was worse than if they were all there.  Really, I am not kidding.  

I still say parents who work full time through the week run around all weekend long.  These kids are so tired on Mondays~and it makes them all whiny and snotty until naptime.  Today, we had 3 kids fall asleep in the buggies at 10:30 am.  Naps aren't until at least 11:30-11:45.  We make them get out and help 'push'.  Don't laugh, we really do....  

We took them all out for buggy rides around the neighborhood before lunch.  With low numbers, we can accomplish things ahead of schedule, so lunch was set out for them by 11:00.  They finished around 11:30, then it was naptime :)   

We have a new one, AJ, who does not sleep long at all.  She doesn't come in until 10:00 am, so we're betting she's not out of bed before 9.  It took until 12:30 to get her to sleep, and she was up an hour later.   

I came back from lunch at 2:00, and 4 kids were awake, 4 sleeping still.  We only need 2 of us in the room for this number of kids, so Asst #1 left early, leaving me and #4.   

It's after nap when they get a little stir crazy.  We could've taken them outside had one boy not slept until 3:30!  The others had already eaten their afternoon snack and were playing when he rose and shone.  I was ready to pull my hair out by 5:00, and I had three 6 o'clockers left.  

We read books, played with the big tonka trucks, played on the riding toys, and sang silly songs....  all by 5:00pm.  Still an hour left, and we had gone through everything in the room for them to do.  Hell, I was bored, too.  There were 6 kids left at this point, and I was out of tricks.  

Too late to have them color or paint as we never know when parents are going to show.  And some do not like to be kept waiting.  Yeah, sad I know.. but true.  That's another reason we don't go to the playground in the afternoon.  Some parents don't like to make two trips, one to gather the kid's stuff, and another to get the kid.  Sheesh...

I had them run races, across the floor, to the other side of the room.  I put on some music and had them dance.  I still had 3 until 5:45, then 1 until 6.  It does suck to be a closer.  There is always, at least, one.   

I'll let you in on something here~my brother and I were the last ones picked up from daycare.  In separate rooms, too.  So I make sure my last ones are treated special and that they look forward to 'our' time alone.  Today, I had mini M&Ms.  Gotta love those!  Tot sized :)  

They may be toddlers.  They only be with me a year.  But they will love mini M&Ms forever ;)  

Night all~  



missboogerhead said...

Sweet!  I know what you mean about monday's!  They do run 'em ragged don't they?!?  And who has to put up with it?  Not them -- us!  Yeah that's fair.  Not!  :-)  
The ones that are left unitl after 6; parents paying a $1 a minute... that are there everyday until 6:15 and they never gripe about paying, that you KNOW they get off work at 4:30 cause they are your parent waiting for your opener in the parking lot at 6:30 am -- tha's what pisses me off.  Not because of the time it takes away form me or my kids, but for that kid?!?  I mean, how sad!  We always try to do special stuff so they don't feel so neglected too.  :-(  Too bad it has to be like that tho.
Chin up -- tomorrow is tuesday and they had a nap!  :-?)  LOL
~Miss O

redbaranjj said...

I just love that sloganizer...that is just the coolest!  Maybe if we all write them and tell them to make it smaller!  LOL.  :)  
Ahhh...nothing like mini M&M's!!  :)  And they will remember you for that!!!  :)

pixiedustnme said...

oh i want naptime!

billandnae said...

My Mom opens up at 7, which means her first few customers arrive at 6:50, bastards.  They have bk by 8:30 morning snack at 10:30, lunch at 12 naps from 1-3:30, and leave anywhere between 4 and 5:30.  I'm not sure when my break is...I'm thinking when I'm old and all alone, and it's too late to have a life.

billandnae said...

Now it says, Kitty, the smart choice, LMAO!

billandnae said...

And the slogan thingie says God made Kitty...I love that damn thing!

billandnae said...

LMAO, okay I had to come says:

I gotta have a kitty!

billandnae said...

there's lots of fun in Kitty.....LMAO even more!

Okay I'll stop, I just get carried away sometimes...

backing away from the Journal.


onecrazymomto5 said...

  Why is it that parents think they are doing you a favor by bringing their children to you and then they complain about going one place to get their stuff and somewhere else to get the child???  I soooo don't get that.  I wouldn't work in a daycare for anything in the world.  I am so grateful for anyone to watch my kids for any period of time, I would wash their car and rub their back.  When Katie was in Headstart I went in and volunteered a lot of time as my way of showing my appreciation for someone else dealing with my child for a few hours everyday.  How can parents who barely have to deal with their children as it is be sooo annoying and self-centered?????  
  OK I'll stop my tangent now!!!!  Guess everyone knows how I feel about that!

quartrlyfecrysis said...

awww, sweet Kitty, spoiling the late stayers :)  
Parents really ought to be more understanding, I bet if they'd just gotten off from 8-10 hours in a daycare center that they'd get it ;)  Maybe I'm just used to having to gather up Pey's stuff while she takes her 5 minute warning that we have to go...know what I mean?!  I just expect to have to wait, I tack on a few extra minutes all the time ;)