Friday, June 24, 2005

Lecture Hall 4, Pep 101

Wow!  On my 'One Word' entry, you guys are the best.  I loved all your words... Kitty kisses for everyone :)  

About the quiz thing from Angel's, some of you are reluctant to post your scores because mine was high.  Well, you should do it anyway.  It was a stupid little quiz that means nothing in reality.   

Keep in mind that I loved classes in Logic and Statistics in college, and my adoration of history and world events as well.  Factor in that my degree from my 12 year college tour is in Accounting, and what do you expect?  Oh... and you can blame my father for my knowledge of language.  He used the dictionaries and encyclopedias as punishment :)  

He made us write lines repeatedly when we were being troublemakers as soon as we learned to write.  "I will not be a rabble-rouser" or "I promise not to be a menace."  He would write it at the top of a piece of paper (the 3-lined kind from grade school days) and we would have to copy it until we filled up the page.  I learned to write really big, too ;)  

But I digress.....  

Many of you have qualities that I would rather have~like social lives, life partners, I could go on and on.  Being smarter doesn't make life any easier, trust me.  Theresa said I should've been a doctor or lawyer and truth is- I couldn't stay focused enough to accomplish either.  I got bored with all the extra classes I had to take to get a degree, so I kept changing my major.   

My mind never stops thinking, feeding on anything that comes into contact.  I refuse prescriptions, and have found only one thingthat shuts it off for awhile.  I have more useless knowledge stored in my head than a politican has butt-kissers....   

Most of the people with genius level IQ's were a little crazy~like Einstein, DaVinci, Hitler (ok~he was a lot crazy).. but you get my point.   

So, next time a silly quiz rolls around, don't feel like you can't post it because you think someone else's makes you look bad~it's just for fun :)  

Lecture over~  


PS~ I'm still miffed that there was no sexual content in it ~ It is called "The quick and dirty IQ test! 


billandnae said...

Yeah, why was it called dirty?  Now that I would have aced!

visionarydiva1 said...

I know what you mean about having so much info in your head I wouldn't say that it is useless in my case (although I know it is lol).....


sarajanesmiles said...

I was wondering where the dirty bit was too!!
I love logic probs and stuff, am otherwise thick as two short planks, but give me a logic prob and I'm happy :o)
Sara   x

onecrazymomto5 said...

  I did the real one not too long ago.  Needless to say I was thrilled with my 132, which beat hubbies.  I will not say what his score was but it was not too far behind mine.  Close enough that he took it over again to try and beat me.  Didn't take this one - too much going on around here.  I loved logic and statistics and believe it or not I plan to get a degree in accounting also.  It may be many many moons down the road but that is the goal!!  GOOD JOB on the IQ test!!

quartrlyfecrysis said...

yeah, i was miffed too!  where was the dirty part?!  ;)~


missboogerhead said...

yeah, there wasn't anything remotely dirty in it!  We got jipped!  :-)  

12 years?  Man, I don't think I could have stood for that!  I had a hard enough time showing up for classes that were required, let alone extra crap!

You remind me of my son tho, that's how he is... He's 7 and he is loving quantum physics, no really, no isht!

~Miss O