Thursday, June 16, 2005

Gotta love a quickie ;)

K, people.  I've decided that the next time I go on vacation, I'm going to have to take you all with me.  Why, you ask?  Because I just now got my email alerts down below 50. 

Yes, I am still catching up at your places, so if I haven't made it yet, I'm coming soon :)   I guess I could invest in a laptop, but what fun would that be?  I'd much rather have you all hanging out with me!  

Thought I'd sneak in an entry, between blog jogs, to ask "What's up?!"   

Work yesterday was fine.  We have a low child count in the summer.  Since a lot of our parents are teachers, they keep their kids home with them until school resumes.  I am not one bit upset by that fact, either.   

We have 2 more new ones, both just a year old.  Wonder what happened to us being the older toddler room?  Overflow of babies pushes the age limit down it seems.  That makes 4 talkers, and 8 non-talkers~we have our summer work cut out for us ;)  

We had 12 kids yesterday, that's our summer count maximum :)  Mondays, we only have 7 kids scheduled to show~ yea!  Wednesday and Thursday are the highest count days with 12!  I don't know how to act.  But I imagine this is going to make that fall transition back to 16 kids a bit rough.  Ehhh, I'll survive and probably be thankful for more activity by then....  

Wayne came by to visit with Grace for awhile today (he's off his day job for a week), but little girl wasn't here until an hourafter he came.  We talked for awhile, just to catch up.  It seems no matter how much time goes by, my heart still loves him.  I wanted to feel his arms aroundme, and so much more than that.  

Yeah, I smacked myself and told me to get a grip.  Regardless of what my 'heart' says, my mind will not let me go there.  Thank you, Mind, for kicking my ass when I need it.  We are taking Grace next Sunday to meet his parents.  Oh, good Lord...... my nerves!   

My Dad is rather pissed.  He says he doesn't want to share her.  My Mom said something similar, though she would not object strongly.  Dad will.  I do not expect his parents to want to have her all the time, but they should know her.  She is their family, too.   

At the same time, she should know them.  The more people in her life she has looking out for her, the better~so why not?  Granted, they are not the most educated, articulate people I've come across~but that doesn't mean she cannot learn something from them.  It takes a village, you know :)  

So, I'm off here, for now.  I will get my inbox to zero before bed tonight~I must!  You all know how irritated Kitty can get when her inbox is full ;)  

Take care and c~ya later.....  



pixiedustnme said...

Hey, I didn't even take a vacation and I am so far behind on my favorite journals I think I'm about to give up!  So while you're out there surfing just email me the cliff notes, will ya?  lol

perkysgrl said...

Whew, thought you'd never get through all those alerts :)

Just another 50- plus what else comes through- and then you'll be done... lol

Sounds like Summer will be great to work in... Less children=Good Stuff!!

My parents don't like to share Rowan and Zach with the other set of grandparents... lol... SO, your dad isn't the only one... haha...


missboogerhead said...

I think it's a Dad thing... my dad hates to share my kids with me! LOL ;-)  I can totaly understand!  
You know, when you have a child with someone, no matter what they do to piss you off, you usually still love them in your heart... thye are part of your child and you have your child because of them.  It's understandable but yeah, heart thinking can get one into trouble.
I'm taking it easy on you tonight... I'll do it just for you.  No post!  :-)  LOL
~Miss O

redbaranjj said...

You are getting there!!  And I would love to come on vacation next time with you!!  But do I have to bring Jim and Josh????  LOL.
Glad to hear that work is still going good for ya...I think the break from A LOT of kids will be a good break...summer will be over in a blink of an eye.
Good luck with Gracie meeting Wayne's parents...I think it's a good thing.  No matter what, family is family...and sometimes that's all ya got...and they are always there fo ya...too bad you just can't pick 'em tho!!  LOL.
Have a good night and get those alerts down!!

gaboatman said...

Welcome home!  :)  It's good to have you back, Kat.  Glad your vacation went reasonably well.  Good luck taking Grace to meet her other Grandparents.  I know how nervous you must be, but I am sure Grace's charm will win them over.

nighterror5 said...

I guess we can all understand how you feel about your ex and wanting something your mind tells u no on. So sorry Cat! U so deserve a great guy that will just treat ya like the princess walking on water! Grace will grow up to know that her Mommy loves her and IF there is a chance that his side don't want to bother, just know she will have what she needs the most, YOU. I am sure Wayne will still be on your side with Gracie too so she has 2 parents that Love her anyway. I am sure his family will fall head over heals over her, how can you not... she is adorable!! Goodluck next Sunday.. will be thinking of ya and be sure to let us know how your visit went!!


mum24boyz said...

Robyn <~~~~~loves a quickie...of course, beggers can't be choosers....roflmao!! ;)

quartrlyfecrysis said...

oh man!  hopefully you don't end up with a grandparent show down like we have every holiday!  They 2 wait!  Grandma and "Nana" (she HAS an identity!) are scrapping every year over which house we go to and who we spend more time with..who buys what or won't play that game.  They drive me insane.  I finally said I'm just staying home, y'all do whatever.  But it'll be good for her to at least know them, and know that they're around....after all it really does take a village to raise a child :)
Try to take it easy and not stress over it too've always got it under control...Meow to the Kitty (hehe, get it?!  instead of bow I said meow...grr hur hur)

fisherkristina said...

When I got on vacation, wow, do my alerts go up! -Krissy

onecrazymomto5 said...

  I just got my inbox down to a tolerable level of 3.  They are journals that have either gone private or a pimp or something.  They will have to wait until I have finished getting to everybody else!!!

cneinhorn said...

welcome back!  I'm so behind, I lost count.  I probably won't journal write myself until I catch up!