Monday, June 13, 2005

I'm baa aaack....

Hello Journal, my old friend.. how I have missed you!!  

And a big shout out to my J~Land friends~ hey ya'll~ what's happening?! 

Yes, I am officially back online and from vacation.  Yea, me!   You guys have no idea what I felt like being cut off from writing and commenting!  Well, maybe some of you actually do...  but I'm back :)  I've lost all my favorite fonts and don't remember where I found them, though :(  

Wow, I have so much to catch up on... and an entry saved that I was trying to put in last week!! So, I'll post that next, if it's not too outdated now... lmao!  

Then I'll tell you about my 'vacation'.... a few of you already know, so bear with my repetitiveness  :)  

I'll be around soon to your place!   Cat  

PS~ Ms. Mystic Pizza~ send me your J~ link!  I have 0 alerts from you  :(  


redbaranjj said...

YAY!!!  Glad your back!!!  I missed ya!!
Can't wait to all about your vacation!!
And so glad to hear that your computer is back up and running!!!  Buh Bye SE!!!!

missboogerhead said...

Yeah!!!! We missed you too!  :-)  Glad it went well!  Can't wait to read about it!
~Miss O

thelovetrain said...

... Ms. Vacation, is back.

~Brian  @---->---

perkysgrl said...

Oh Yeah!! Cat's Back :)


billandnae said...

Here kitty kitty..I've been waiting to hear from you!

sorry we didn't get to meet up this time, but I'm sure there will be another time, I got lots of it and a future full of possibilites...tomorrow I'm saving the World though, so don't call me then.

quartrlyfecrysis said...

YEA!!!!!!!!!  Kitty came home!! :)~
I missed you!  Kept coming over and looking to see if you were back.  Can't wait to read about your vacation :)
xoxoxoxoxo~Bernie :)

onecrazymomto5 said...

Glad you are back!!!  I have been gone from the puter for a while and then it has been short and sporadic when I do get on.  So no I didn't forget you I'm here just as crazy as ever!!!!!!