Monday, June 27, 2005

Monday, meetings and still melting ....

Ahhh.... for the first time in 5 days, the night time low is below 80.  It is 79 currently  :)  Maybe, just maybe, I can sleep tonight without having to adjust fans all night long.   

Well, Grace met her other grandparents Sunday, and it really went great!  She was very well behaved, even singing and doing her 'Never smile at a crocodile' routine!  Is that cute or what?  Needless to say, they were charmed by my little 'angel'.  And I doubted her ;)  

His Dad got down on the floor and looked at the photo album she brought of herself.  He played with her toys... he really likes kids and is good with them.  Makes me wonder why Wayne didn't have a good relationship with him....

Wayne and I both told her how proud we were of her and that she was a very good girl. She took to them without hesitation and his Mom was surprised that she was not bashful.... lol.... not my kid ;)   Though the first sentence out of her mouth to me was "why did you keep her away for so long?" 

I told her it was his obligation to tell them, not mine.  And that I did not want them to think I was after anything, like money and gifts (his oldest daughter's mother left them very bitter).  

We arrived there at 9:30 am and did not leave until 1:30.  I chatted with his Mom, who is recovering from a 2nd knee replacement on the same knee, the whole time.  Grace, Wayne and his Dad went down to the basement where all the toys are.  They still have toys his oldest played with and she is 22 :)  

They have them because her mother would take the kids' gifts they received back to the store for the money.  She is no mother, in reality.  Her oldest son left home at 16 because she stole his money and blamed it on his sisters.   

To catch her, he marked the bills with a pen and when he confronted her, she of course denied it.  He then takes the money from her purse and tells her that he made those marks and it was his.  So she says one of his sisters took it and put it in her purse!  I'm telling you, she's a real winner....  

So, my fear is that the oldest, Kimberly, may be jealous of Grace in some way... or a lot of ways.  First, she is the only grandchild they had met.  Second, she was the only bi-racial child he had.  Third, because Kim's mom is such a ......, Wayne was not allowed to be at his parent's house when Kim was over, so she never got to know him.  I hope she's not caught too off guard....  

I told his Mom this, and she said she didn't think it would be a problem for her, but that she may want to meet her.  Ok, I am ready for his parents... but not his other kids, her sisters..... I'm not really ready to discuss things with his kids.  Kim has made some bad choices, but I get she is young.... I figure if she wants to, I can take Grace back to his parents.  

Kim used to spend the weekends with them and I am hoping they do not want Gracie to do the same thing.  I can't do that yet.  I'm not saying anything about them, I just don't trust anyone around Grace.  Am I terrible?  She can go and play, but not without me being there.  They will not be babysitters, just grandparents.  God, that sounds harsh....  

My parents are also a bit jealous.  My father making sure I am aware that we do not need anything from them.  Though he realizes that they are her family as well, he does not acknowledge it.  I'm sure that is due to the way Wayne acted about it all.    And part is that Wayne's parents did little for him as far as education goes. 

They were not hands on parents.  So, in essence, my father sees little benefit- other than birthdays and holidays- of Grace being with them.  I don't know.  They are her family and she should at least know them.  They are in their mid to late 70's, so she has little time to do that... realisticly speaking.  


Work today was ok.  It was 91, so our kids got to have water play outside!  I got more wet than all but 1 kid and she was having herself a little ball :)  The rest could have really cared less and some cried their heads off.

We had 8 kids... 8 pleasant kids, a nice and easy day :)  I even got out of work at 5:45 today!  Woo-hoo!  That never happens...  <note to self: play lottery this week>   

Mrs Lead is off on Mondays, and Asst #2 took the offer to leave early like a hooker takes a $100.  But she has to stay on Wednesday because she took last monday off.  Or so she says....  We only have 11 kids scheduled for Wed., and 3 other teachers... so we'll see if she sticks around.....  Trust me somebody, other than me, will leave that day.   

The forecast here tomorrow is slight chance of storms~let's hope.  We really shouldn't have had the water on as our city water company has asked that we not use unnecessary water for a few more days.    It hasn't rained in I can't remember how long. 

The east side of the city got some showers today, so that should help the city, but not us so much.  Our lawn is cracked and grass turning brown.  We have some vegetable plants that cannot make it without water, so they get a drink.   

Went to Johnny's nice, cool, central air on full blast house to watch the Sonoma race yesterday.  Damn Stewart... he's always killed on road courses.  Newman came in 9th,  Wallace (Rusty) had a good run.  Poor Kahne lost it in a turn, not sure if he was 'assisted' into that... 

Made my day that Jeff Gordon, Jimmy Johnson, or Greg Biffle didn't win though ;)  

Johnny cooked corn on the cob on the grill and my big bro made his killer burgers with all the fixins.... add to the mix a tub of mustard potato salad and ~Kitty got full and did circles on the couch cushion before making herself purrfectly comfy on the loveseat :) 

Then I had to fight J's 75 pound, 1 year old german shepherd 'pup' ~Shadow~ she's all black and a total alpha bitch.  That is, of course, until she has to contend with me for the spot ;)   

So, all in all, a nice weekend.  Once again I got myself expecting the worst of it all.  Am pleased to be wrong. 

Though, I will say, I told Grace she was very good and she told me next time, she was going to be bad..... very bad. 

See why I said not alone?  They have no idea  ;)  

Have a goodone, ya'll....  



redbaranjj said...

I am so glad to hear your weekend went so well...and the visit went better then expected!  :)  Don't feel bad on bit about wanting to be there with Gracie when she visits....(long story but...) we don't leave Josh alone with his side of the family...we are always there when we do visiting....and they never babysit!  So don't feel like you are being harsh.  This was only the very first meeting too....eveyone I am sure was on their best behavior!  ;)
I want June back...those high 70's and low 80's with no at, I miss that!!!  Mid 90's here with chance of rain.  Our grass is like walking thru a pin cushion it's so brown.  
Here's hoping for cooler temps and RAIN!!!!
Have a good nite!!  

gaboatman said...

See?  All that worrying was for nothing.  Your little charmer worked her magic and all went well.  I am so glad for you and the whole family.  That German Sheppard had no idea what he got himself into when he decided to challenge YOU for his seat, LOL!  I do wish I could have seen that!  Hang in there with the heat, this too shall pass and before you know it we will wish for it back again.  Hope your work week goes well.  All the Best!

onecrazymomto5 said...

  Glad to hear all went well and Grace enjoyed herself and behaved too.  I don't blame you for not leaving her for any period of time.  She's only 3 anyway right?  Plenty of time for that when she is older and you have had time to get to know them and everything.  Hope you get to leave early Wednesday.

billandnae said...

It's good for Grace to know these people.  I'm sorry I haven't informed my children they have an older brother, I just don't think they would understand.  

Hopefully Ciara doesn't run into her big bro one day and fall madly in love only to find out its her brother!  Hey it could happen!

We had water play the other day. Little devils learned how to pull out the stopper on the water table and drain all the water, guess what?  No more water table ...bratz!

thelovetrain said...

I would like to have seen, that, Cat... I used to do my, 'Smile at the alligators' routine. I trained 'six' of them, from birth -> six feet. I'd call them, like dogs, and they'd come running to where I was standing, and eat all around me.

Eight, great, tadpoles, and 'off early'. You're so fortunate.

... I adore, Grace's spirit.

~Brian  @---->---

missboogerhead said...

OMG, Cat, you kill me! Grace kills me!  LMAO  :-)  That soooooo sounds like somethign one of mine would say!
I TOTALLY agree with you about not leaving her.  She's your baby!  Hey, I am the same way with my kids.  All the kids in the neighborhood know that if they wanna' play with my kids it's at our house and I am ALWAYS watching!  They don't play alone, they don't play where I can't see them and they know I mean business.  Girl, that's our job!
That's too bad about Kim's mom... nobody deserves to live like that.  Yeah, I'm with you on not so sure about his other kids... a little too much for me, but you do whatever you need to and don't let them bully you... oh, wait, forgot who I was talking to, nevermind!  :-)  LOL
Have a nice one!
~Miss O

st0rmwhispers said...

Hey for what its worth, I think you are doing the right thing by your daughter...No one can have too many people that love them.

quartrlyfecrysis said...

LMAO at what Grace said about next time!  What a doll baby :)
I think it's good that you got them together with Grace, I also agree about them not being babysitters and you being there with her when she's there.  That's how I feel too.  Maybe it's having only one, or maybe we're just protective but I hate to leave Pey.  I used to let her spend the night at Grandma's but that didn't last long, not cause I was being mean or anything, it just wasn't working out.  Of course Grandma also has a 9 year old there was that child to child competition and that can get ugly sometimes.  I think you're making very wise choices and you deserve a standing ovation for the way you've handled yourself!
You kick arse you alpha bitch!