Monday, June 13, 2005


Got this from Bernie  :)  

Me likes lots! 

'The Sloganizer'   Go try it ;)    generated by


redbaranjj said...

Isnt that the best!!  I just gave you tons of refresh hits like I did Bernie...LOL.

sarajanesmiles said...

"The wonder has a name: Kitty"
Lol, I had so much fun with this!!
Sara   x

billandnae said...

As usual, couldn't get it to work.

quartrlyfecrysis said...

lol...don't forget your Kitty~    !  NEVER!!!!!!

Where's your Kitty~?  hehehe.

k, enough now Bernadette. :)

quartrlyfecrysis said...

Kitty~, can do.
Endless possibilities with Kitty~.  
:)  this thing is great isn't it!!!  so much fun.

billandnae said...

Kitty is what the world is waiting that one!

onecrazymomto5 said...

Maybe when I get finished catching up on a weeks worth of journals I'll get a chance to get over there!!

billandnae said...

Easy Kitty  LMAO...Dang, I gotta get one of these...I'll put it in my art journal.