Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Too hot for chores....

Come on ya'll, put on your boogie butt and get out of that chair.  Like Bowie said "Let's Dance!"  

More like it for the weather that's here ~Nelly's "It's getting hot in here" and getting hotter.... and.... yeah, in case you're wondering, I did take all my clothes off.....  not a pretty sight, either, but at least I'm a cool Kitty :)  

I added another sloganizer, had to take off everyting else, but you guys know me by now :)  Right now, the first one says 'It's not a dream, Kitty is real'  lmao!  The second says 'Poppycock, what more could you want'  Think I'm acquiring another addiction....  

Today was hot.  Tomorrow, hotter and so on hitting the 90's this weekend.  I bought one of those inflatable 10' pools so Grace could have some room to swim.  It's not set evenly so once the water is splashed out or evaporated, it has to move elsewhere.  

I did laundry, finally finishing the ones I cleaned out from our closets and drawers and some from vacation, still.  I still have a load in the dryer to fold and all of them to put away.  Went to the store because we hadn't been since we've been back and had run out of everything.  

My goal is to get all my work done so by the time the friggin heatwave hits, I won't have anything to do.  Except for find some air conditioning.  Air conditioning not in a place I have the ability to spend money.  That, my friends, is a chore.  I'll park my fat ass in front of a fan or two.  

A load of kids due in at work tomorrow, with the heat and Mrs. Lead being back~I'm betting she'll want to go for walks.  Kitty does not like humidity, especially when the sun is out.  But after the temper tantrum she threw the last time we didn't take them out~I may just go along, grumbling.  

I cannot believe I have the tv tuned to Paris' Mama.  I see who Paris got her (bad) looks from now.  This chick just sung to her!  She wasn't bad, but it was totally out of place.  No one said anything, including Kathy Hilton, when she finished.  First time I've seen an Asian person blush.  

I slipped on the stairs this morning and hurt my shoulder.  This getting older crap stinks.  It hurts to lift my arm in certain positions.  Back to the anti inflammatories and muscle relaxers.  It just started feeling better from the last time I hurt it.  Life can take back some of these lemons anyday now ;)  

Ok, I'm off to finish folding clothes.  Have a great tomorrow :)  



missboogerhead said...

Man, I hear ya'!  It was too hot to play today!  The kids thought they were gonna melt or something.  I am NOT looking forward to more of this, and to think, it's just started!  :-(  My neighbor said today, "I'm ready for Winter!"  Isn't that funny!
Have a half way descent tomorrow!  :-)
~Miss O

redbaranjj said...

I know what ya mean...I may have said yesterday was a beautiful summer day...but when that heat and humidity hits...there we are in the house all shut up with the air on....We have 90's heading this way too...and I hate the 90's!!!
Good luck at work in the heat.....I feel for ya....I really do!!

onecrazymomto5 said...

  By the time you get done hurting yourself all you'll be able to do is sit in front of the AC!!  LOL!!!  Hope Grace enjoys the pool.  Too many hot days and you will be right in there with her!!!

nighterror5 said...

It will be hot tomorrow and cooler on Thurs here than the heatwave arrives on Friday. Our air has been off for a week now and I actually like the windows open and smell the Philly air coming in =( Sorry to hear your shoulder is aching again, hope u get better with that. Move that pool in a better spot Mommy!!


thelovetrain said...

That fucking 'Sloganizer', has got me scrolling, across a lot of journals. Here's my slogan, to Sloganizer... "Make those motherfuckers, slimmer! [:\]"

Fans are a good thing, when one has no air conditioning. I actually prefer, chicks with big tropical leaves, though. [;P]

Paris and me, sittin' in a blonde tree... Squirt!

Age: There's benefits and disadvantages. Given a choice, I wouldn't go back to my younger days, though.

Take care of that shoulder...

~Brian @---->---



gaboatman said...

Awww, Cat!  Sorry about your shoulder.  If you don't have air conditioning, a good way to cool down for sleeping is to wet a sheet and put it over you when you lay down.  Have a fan set up blowing over the bed.  This works.  Good luck finding air conditioning where you can't spend money, LOL!   Thanks for your nice comment you left in my journal.  You're the best!

judithheartsong said...

so sorry you are hurting......... I always love to see what you are up to. Gentle hugs your way dear lady. judi

quartrlyfecrysis said...

LMAO!  no isht, I'm sick of all this damn lemonade, how bout a nice cup of freaking tea ;)
The pool is a good idea, I could kick my own ass for being cross with Chris's mom...the only good quality I can think of right now is that she's got a damn pool!  
I went outside at 9:15 this morning and said damn it's hot....and it's only 9.  I don't think summer is my favorite season anymore, but AC is my new best friend!

quartrlyfecrysis said...

damn, i didn't even finish that last comment....
see, i can't even focus with 3 kids!
how the hell do you think with 16?!?!


quartrlyfecrysis said...

Kitty, extra dry ;)
Poppycock, this is it! :)

love it!  good idea to put it in the sidebar thing

pixiedustnme said...

Oh that heat wave is comin fast!  what happened to spring?!!  I know it's officially summer now but somehow I missed spring!

delela1 said...

You slipped on the stairs yesterday...I slipped on the stairs today.  What's going on here?

billandnae said...

I'm loving it...the heat that is.  I can handle 90+ as long as there is no humidity, then I feel like I'm gasping for air..maybe it's the plastic bag over my head, who knows.

Sorry to hear about your shoulder, but next time tell the truth, you were hanging from chandeliers again!  Hmm, don't think I ever typed or written that word, is it spelled right?