Monday, May 30, 2005

Ok, ok... here....

Ok, requests have been made to share my 2 temp 7 layer dip/salad, and share I shall.   Only because I hardly invented this, just 'improved' it, I think.... that being said, grab a pen and paper, or hit the print button ;)  

Ingredients are as follows for mine, feel free to add-delete at will~its hard to mess this up!   I use a 9 x 13 pan, so adjust ingredients to your amount.  

2 cans refried beans~whatever you like, I use sausage or traditional

2 tubs guacamole (store bought or homemade) 1 hot, 1 mild          

2 jars salsa, also 1 hot 1 mild~*use slotted spoon to drain as much liquid as possible

2 pkgs taco seasoning (1 for each can of beans)                                  

1-16oz container sour cream                                                                    

1 pkg shredded taco cheese                                                                         

1 sm can of sliced black olives                                                                    

2 bunches of green onions, sliced                                             

jalapenos to garnish (or mix them in)  

Mix the taco seasoning in the refried beans and warm them in the microwave or stovetop.  Layer the beans in the bottom of the pan.  Next, add the guacamole (hot on one side, mild on the other).  After that, add the sour cream, followed by the salsa on their respective sides. 

Add the pkg of cheese next, then the olives and onions on top.  I do put peppers on the top of the hot side, just so people know...   There you have it. 

Made in 5 minutes with all store bought ingredients and always a crowd pleaser.  I take Fritos and Tostitos cause I liketo make everyone happy :)  

Variations:  I have added ground beef with taco seasoning cooked in with it.  I have also used spanish rice in it.  Really, you can do no wrong, so play away... and let me know if you make it, what you think :)  

Its always a hit with my crowd ;)  



gaboatman said...

Hi, Cat!  Welcome home and thanks for the recipe. I have already printed it out and am deciding whether to get my wife to make it, or just make it myself.  I know we'll enjoy it.  Thanks!  :)

redbaranjj said...

Thanks Cat!!  I can't wait to make it!!  
I was so hungry for this after you had mentioned it in your entry...I went and bought some at the store last night and got the pre made stuff...and my mouth was just watering!!  And then...IT SUCKED!!!  It was full of water!!  ICK!!  Guess I will just have to make my own!!

emeraldcalf said...

I have had different versions of this salad-it is always a big hit. Yours sounds the best of all I have had.

Thanks for sharing!
Hugs and love,

missboogerhead said...

Sounds yummy!  We'll have to try it soon!
~Miss O

onecrazymomto5 said...

  Sounds absolutely wonderful.  Especially the part about 1/2 being hot and the other not.  I don't like spicy and Jeff and some of the kids can't get it hot enough so I agree a crowd pleaser.

quartrlyfecrysis said...

Mmmm, thanks!  will have to give that one a try :)

danielled1 said...

Sounds YUMMY!!!!!!!!!! I'mgoing to try it :)


nighterror5 said...

Mmmm Yummy.. thanks for sharing Cat.. I have a b-day for Jonny coming up so I am going to use it!! Let ya know what people think of it!! Ya know I am still trying to find this one desert that I had years ago.. All I remember is that it has marshamellow in it, fruits and it was kinda creamy.. If u know what I am talking about let me know please, lol. Thanks


billandnae said...

um, you left out the part where you come to our house and make it for us!!!

louie0768 said...

I will definately keep your recipe. I am a collector of recipes. But only just that. One day I may just go through and attempt to make one of them but yours sounds really good.

Thank you for sharing!

hestiahomeschool said...

I am drooling. We are thrilled that we are finally getting a Hispanic population here in Northern Kentucky, all centered here in Newport.  They have opened two places to eat--one more casual, one nicer and more sit-down, and a shop where you can buy spices....all within wallking distance of my house. I am hoping to make friends with a native Spanish speaking mom so our kids can play together. They take Spanish lessons from a very sweet lady from Mexico who is great with kids...once the kids tasted REAL Mexican food, they never wanted to go back to Taco Bell or the chain "Mexican" place Diablos on the riverfront.