Saturday, May 7, 2005


Feel obligated to write... not much to say.  

I feel better.  The thing still hanging in my sinuses, but I did manage to sleep 12 hours.. until 11:30 this morning  :)   Not uninterrupted mind you, I awoke three times.   

Mom had the girl, so I went back to sleep   :)  I consider it my early Mother's Day present.  Yeah, I'm that easy to please.. just let me sleep and I'm a happy person....  

(skip this Nae ;)  Newman almost won the Nascar race tonight.  He should've pitted, got tires, and risked his track position for the single file restart.  Congrats to any Biffle fans reading this.  Ryan will win some this season, I know!  

It was a balmy 80 degrees and not a cloud in the sky, until 5:00 when it rained cats and dogs, only ceasing recently.  Supposed to be sunny again tomorrow... we'll see.  

My brother is taking Mom, Gracie, and I out for brunch tomorrow for our Mom's Day present.  He is really a sweetheart.  Have I mentioned how happy I am that he is back in Indy?!  Well, I am ecstatic  :) 

Don't get me wrong, it was nice when he lived in Georgia~gave me a free vacation place ;)  But I love having him close~he's my buddy....  

So, that's about it. 

Hope all the moms, step-moms, moms-to-be, step-moms-to-be, and Mr. moms have a super day tomorrow.   



redbaranjj said...

Isn't sleeping in a beautiful thing!!  :)
Have a great time with your Mom and Gracie tomorrow!!  Enjoy your day!!  And wow...what a nice brother!!!  

gaboatman said...

Happy Mother's Day, Cat.  I hope the brunch is special.  :)

quartrlyfecrysis said...

AHHHH!  I fell asleep at the end of the race..dammit, I need a more uncomfortable couch!  Last I saw Kahne was leading, no wait then he came out of the pit he wasn't leading.  Well at least he got 3rd, WOO HOO...have to go check where Martin placed.  Chris even got online last night and voted for Kasey Kahne for sexiest driver ;)~  hehehe, all for me, he hates Kasey Kahne...that was my mother's day gift!
You'd better start feeling better soon or else...or else, I'll think of something ;)
Happy Mother's Day!!

sarajanesmiles said...

Happy Mother's Day!!!
Feel better, and enjoy your brunch :o)
Sara   x

hestiahomeschool said...

I'm glad you quit lurking and sent me your address!

judithheartsong said...

feel lots better and hope you had a nice mother's day. judi

vernae69 said...

Georgia, one of my favorite places to dream about living.  I have this weakness for Southern men and their accents.  Used to work for this trucking company and one of our agents in Atlanta had the voice of a God, found out what he looked like, and never called him again!  Was a total let down, had to stop fantasizing about his voice, ugh.  Okay what the hell am I telling you this for...

Thanks for the Nascar warning.  Bill said GO 88!!  

Hope Mama's Day was kind to you.

onecrazymomto5 said...

I hope you had a great Mothers Day and get to feeling better soon!!!


ldebbiedeb7 said...


vernae69 said...

Vernae enters the journal, and has appeared to have stumbled into a bunch of cobwebs:

"WAKE UP!!!  Everything okay? Haven't seen you for a while.  You haven't joined that cult we talked about have you?"

~The End

thelovetrain said...

Glad that you got some rest, and are feeling better, Cat.

Three times? When you reach forty-seven, you'll get up to pee that many times during 'eight' hours of sleep (okay, twice if you're shriveled-up). [:\]

... When I was a kid, I didn't have to do that.

~Aqua 'B'  @---->---

otto9613944 said...

lady cool, hope your feeling better. 12 hours of sleep sounds so nice that i think i will go eat some turkey and drink some nyquil, ummm nyquil. take care sweetie ya soon, dave.