Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Pearly Shells and Crocodiles.....

Grace was much better for Dad today.  Wheww...  He even took her to the zoo because she had a good dance class :)    It was in the high 80's and humid today... have I mentioned I hate humidity? 

Of course in the Midwest, that only sets things up for terrific storms, which is what we have now.   Tomorrow's temps are supposed to be about 10 degrees less, so that's good.  I do expect hot weather but not in early May in Indiana!  It doesn't happen like that unless there is snow at the end of the month.  

 AOL keeps getting disconnected from the storms~damn dial-up....  So I hope I get this in before I lose it altogether :)  

Work was a little calmer today.  All our kids have some type of illness now.  If they aren't hacking up lungs, like me, they have pink eye, or asthma flaring up.  We have 6 asthmatics out of 14 kids!  Isn't that high?  Is asthma really that bad now?   

No one in my family has it, so I hope Grace is clear on the genetic end of it (her Dad's family doesn't either).  If it is environmental, shouldn't we be wondering why so many and where its from?  It's rather a freaky thing to have so many in one room under 2 years old.  

Watched 'Lost' and now 'Revelations'.... makes my night complete :)  I am so fascinated by both of these shows, as you guys know by now  ;) 

Thanks to Nae, I know Anthony got the AI Boot tonight.... can't say I'm too upset.  Personally, I think he's more for Broadway, not for touring as a singer :)  

Guess what we got today?!  The title of this entry is a clue.....  

Yep, we got dance pictures!!  Now tell me, isn't this the cutest crocodile you have ever seen in your life?  Yeah, I am biased, but it is the truth :)   Picture from Hometown  

And how about the Hawaiian girls for Pearly Shells.... one of the Madison's was missing, but you get the gist of it.  This costume is the ballet portion and the crocs are their tap routine for main recital of Peter Pan :) Picture from Hometown  

Ok, you've all awwwww'd enough and I'm about to get booted for the umpteenth time, so I'm outtie........  

Have a great day tomorrow  :)  



alilcountrycharm said...

awwww cat they are sooo adorable! Great pics! We've had storms here in ohio most of the day. My electric was out for about 2 hours!  Hope everyone feels better soon :o)

happysunshien said...

awww how precious she is!  I just lvoe looking at Kadies old dance pictures from when she was little like that....


happysunshien said...

jammin to this song....what is it?  I want it!


gaboatman said...

Great PICS, Cat!  Okay, I'll add just one more:  AWWWWW!

thelovetrain said...

I absolutely love the photographs, and although I am fond of crocs', I've definitely never seen one that looks that lovable, before.

~Brian  @---->---

djzgirl71 said...

To say she made the most adorable croc would simply be quite an understatement!  What a gorgeous pic!!!!!


redbaranjj said...

Awww!!!  She is definitely the cutest crocodile I have ever seen!!  I love both pictures!!  She is such a cutie!!!
I hope you feeling better today....and your not catching anything new from all those sickie kids!  :)
And still didn't send me some warm weather!!!  

vernae69 said...

Oh she's just a doll!  Now see, she calmed down enough for those pictures!  She's getting the hang of it!

I'm a little bummed by Lost right now, It really upset me that they made Locke lie...never saw it coming. It's a sad sad day when someone that wonderful tells a lie.

delela1 said...

Well, I'm still going it!


onecrazymomto5 said...

 Aren't they all soooo cute.  That little croc was cute just laying there so still.  Were you quick with the snap or did she actually lay there for a while???


quartrlyfecrysis said...

Awwwwwwww!!  Gracie is definitely the cutest crocodile I've ever seen!
My cable keeps going out, so it's not just dial up.  I've been having major problems this week with it.  I think their system just goes down sometimes.  It's a pain in the ass!
Pey has asthma and seasonal allergies...pretty bad too.  I developed mild asthma, they called it exercise induced asthma, when I was a pre-teen.  Chris has had bad allergies all his life tho, that's probably where she gets it from.  It is crazy tho.  This year even I've had problems with allergies.  They keep saying it's a bad year for pollen especially in VA.  Must be because I haven't had problems with allergies since I used to have to go spend days chucking hay that I was allergic to on a truck.
Revelations was great!  but  I missed LOST!!!!  I thought it was taping it so I watched Top Model...nope, it was taping Top Model.  Nooooo.