Thursday, May 26, 2005

Burned out....

Hello? <tap, tap, tap> Is this thing on?  

Not much going on, same old stuff....  

Wednesday at work, my co-workers and I ticked off Mrs. Lead because we didn't join her in taking the tots on a buggy ride.  She took 4 kids and set another buggy out for one of us to take 4 more (we had 15 kids).  Well, none of us felt like it~so we didn't. 

She came in and asked why we didn't get them out of the room~we just stood there and looked at each other, saying 'I don't know'.   Truth be told, she had taken the 4 who whine and cry the most, the rest were playing peacefully after she left. 

It was in the afternoon and parents begin to arrive to pick them up, too.  I think she got over it, but I won't know until next Wednesday (I'm off Monday for Memorial Day~yea!).  

Today was quiet.  Gracie and I played outside in the yard for a long time.  Then we went to Baskin Robbins~yum!  This weekend promises to be a busy one.  My brother's birthday is tomorrow~ Happy Birthday, Big Brother  :)   

Our friend, JC, has his engagement party on Saturday, which is also Mel's birthday.  And my uncle has a party on race day (Indy 500) every year.  It's a good thing I have Monday off, I'll need to recover....  

This time last year, Johnny and I were heading Southward.  First we stopped at his Mom's in Byrdstown, TN.  We stayed there for 2 days before continuing on our way to my brother's old house in White, GA (a little north of Atlanta, in Cartersville).  It was my first and only trip there-- glad I got to see his house.  

I so hoped to make it to Savannah.  It is one of my favorite cities in our country.  It is really beautiful and the epitome of southern life, I believe.  But, no such luck that trip.  I will make it back one day!  

We are heading to PA on June 9th.  Going to Raystown to visit my Mom's family.  Yes, they are my family, too, I just don't know them very well.  I haven't been there since I was 13 years old.  It will be nice to see my cousins and meet all the new ones I have... mostly grown now.  

So, my PA friends~I'll will see what is on the schedule for our 4 days there, and maybe I can meet some of you...  It all depends on time, but it would be great.  

We will be carless tomorrow as Dad is taking it to ready it for the journey east.  Imagine the girl and I will be taking walking trips around home then.  She likes it, I get bored.  The most exciting thing is when some bug flies by her... then she freaks out!  Don't know when she developed this fear of all things insect, but man, does she have it bad!  

Was totally enthralled with the season finale of 'Lost' last night.  If you watched it, wasn't that the shortest 2 hours you've ever spent in your life?  When it ended, I looked at the clock and was screaming 'NOOOO'!  Crap, September is a long way from now....  

So, any Indy car fans out there?  I'm not at all.  I hope Danica Patrick can pull off a win though!  She has a great team with Rahal-Letterman.  She has had pretty decent finishes in other races, so there is yet another hope for future female drivers, and maybe an actual win  :)  

Crap, what a boring entry...  but it suits my life at the moment.... and I have come to enjoy these times immensely.   

Hope you all had a great day, and rest of the week....  



otto9613944 said...

hey baby, too much shit going down on these journals. i thought it was either "real" stuff being written or "bogus" stuff being written. when the hell did people start mixing in love and obession??? did i miss the memo??? i hope all this crap clears up and i get my fragile piece of reality back, ha ha...have a great day. read ya soon, dave...

onecrazymomto5 said...

Well enjoy your trip and have a great holiday weekend!!!!  Enjoy hopefully the nice weather with Gracie and no whining tots other than your own for a few days.  
P.S. - LOVE Savannah - haven't been in years and no actual sightseeing other than what I can do from the truck cab, but definitely on my vacation wishlist.

redbaranjj said... do have a very busy weekend ahead!!
Happy birthday to your brother!!  
Have a great weekend...and enjoy that time away from work!!!  :)

mum24boyz said...

I would love to go visit Savannah as well, it looks lovely.. I want to see a lot of places...someday, hopefully...

Robyn :)

billandnae said...

OOO OOO PA HERE PA PA PA!!!!  I will give you directions, oh hell, I'll come to you!!!!  Let me know when and where toots, I'll bring Bill along for the ride and we can hang PA STYLE!

Be glad your life is boring right now.  I crave boring sometimes, well mostly during work hours of course!


missboogerhead said...

Boring... those are the best times.  Those are the times you look back on in life and remeber contentment!  The turmoil of daily life can bee tooooo much sometimes, especially in our line of work.  Enjoy the time with Gracie and your family!  Have a great weekend!

P.S Thanks for the encouragement this week, it really helped!

~Miss O

quartrlyfecrysis said...

I'm not an Indy fan either...but girl took 2nd!  Go go girly power!

Pey loves just walking up and down the sidewalk outside...I guess when you're little even a small block seems like a great big world ;)
xoxo~Bernie :)