Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Titillating Tuesday...

Grace's last day of school went well.  Her 'report card' was pretty good!  Ok, I'll be honest~it was a lot better than I expected.  Not that I expect her to do poorly at all.... its just I know how she is at home :)  Luckily, she knows how to act 'like she's been somewhere', to quote Jamie Foxx.  

Preschoolers get progress reports, really, where M = meets requirements all the time, P = partial time, N = not at all.  There were different criteria from Motor Skills to Comprehension, etc...  Five pages worth of criteria to be exact.  You ready for this? 

Gracie received 34 M's, 6 P's, and 0 N's!!  And she got 4 M+'s~for imagination (I told ya'll~ the girl can make up some stories now!), for consideration of others' feelings (Go, Baby!), for reading comprehension (she's great at memorizing stories she hears), and for dealing with problems with others (Mommy's doing a happy dance).  

Now, on the other hand... the P's are for controlling her feelings (she just breaks into outbursts if something doesn't go just right~from her Daddy ;)   She also had P's for following vocal directions (but she got an M for understanding them).  We'll work on these over the summer.   

But I am so proud of her (and I told her over and over, as did Nana and Poppy).  I know she is very sensitive to the feelings of others.  She takes care of all the crying kids at the parks we go to.  If they get hurt, she sits there with them, patting them on the shoulder and saying 'It'll be alright, your Mommy will make you feel better.'   She's a real sweetie.  

Yeah, she's part not-sweetie, but it's good to know she only acts that way at home :)  I took her class Easter Party pictures in today to give to the parents.  She got so mad at me for taking other kids' pictures!  She cried and yelled 'You're not their Momma, you don't take pictures of them.' 

I tried to explain that I took pictures of everyone and I wanted to share so their moms can see them, too.... she wasn't having that.  Still mad about it when she to bed, silly girl.  

Work tomorrow.  The h-f-s-c-g will be in the room again, which is good, I like her.  At least she does work and not just sit there like some subs we've had.  But she has worked there before and will be here the rest of the year.  Apparently, Asst #2 is now taking Wednesdays off.  The rules are pretty lax for some employees it seems.  Oh well, I'm biding my time :)  

Since nobody at all commented on my last song.... I've changed it.  Same artist, though.  Was rummaging through my music library, and I had too many choices.  Listened to too many of them.  So, I stuck with the same path.... this time around :)  

Have a good night and a pleasant tomorrow....  



pixiedustnme said...

Go Gracie!!

happysunshien said...

Hey i love the new song!  I just got here ..lol....


louie0768 said...

Good for your little one.  She sounds like a real pistol, very protective of her mamma. Sounds like you spend a lot of quality time with her. Good for you too Cat. You're doing great! :)

visionarydiva1 said...

I know you are very proud of Grace. My kids didn't do so well but I realize that it comes from me giving them to much freedom to do it on their own. So now mom is like a hound dog and they are hating it lol!!!


redbaranjj said...

YAY!!!  WTG Gracie!!!  I am so proud of her!!  And I know you are!! ;)  What a great start to many years of report cards.  
AND...btw...I loved the last song...sorry I didn't say anything...and I love this one too!  Great choice!!

sieblonde said...

I always turn my sound down,  I never knew there were songs...  oops.

Congrats to Grace on such a good report!  

sarajanesmiles said...

I didn't know there was a song either, another turned down or off speaker to blame for that one ;o)
Well done Grace!!!  That's a great report, I'm sure you're very very proud of her.  She does sound like a sweetie, taking care of kids that are upset, I think that's a rare quality for such a young girl.  Bless her heart :o)
Sara   x

quartrlyfecrysis said...

Yea! Gracie!!!  What a good report :)
Pey is the same way about me taking pictures of other kids, she freaked out over me taking photos on the fieldtrip...maybe it's an only child thing, they don't like sharing that spotlight ;)

onecrazymomto5 said...

Way to go GRACIE!!!!!  She is doing good!!!!!!!!  Katie's imagination is great.  She got to telling us a story the other night and had us so scared we were asking questions faster than she could answer.  She is going to give us problems later in life I just know it.


nighterror5 said...

Way to go Cat's baby! be proud! Kids are so much fun! Your daughter sounds alot like mine, but has gotten to the attitude stage and the jealousy stage as well. God forbid if I hug another kid, I think my daughter would die if I went to Nae's house and she seen how Jules is all over me, hehe. I love your Journal Cat =) nive song, love it!

P.S. we still have 2 more weeks til school is out