Saturday, May 21, 2005

Full moon Saturday night....

As I sit here watching and trying to figure out this All-Star Challenge Nascar race....  So far, Mr. Newman is leading... but there is yet another 20 lap whirlwind around Lowe's Motor Speedway in Concord, NC.  I hope he can pull off a win, even if it doesn't count in points.  

Here's a good one for you guys~ Wayne finally told his mother about Grace.  She called me and told me if I wanted to bring Grace by, it was okay.  I know she likes me... she has told me.  And again, he told her the only reason we're not together is because I'm fat.  (of note~he said my weight~I'm being real about it)  

I told her I know how he feels, and he knows how I feel.  I do not want a relationship (or commitment) with weight restrictions...  Of the 16 years we have known each other I have been fat for at least 9 of those.  Most of the time I was thinner, I was with someone else anyway....  So, I told her we broke up right after I decided to have Grace.  

I like her, always have.  I think she and his father did the best they knew how.  I made it clear of my reasons why I was hesitant on her knowing as well.  Part of it was I didn't want them to feel obligated in anyway towards her.  The mother of his oldest child really used their daughter against the family.  If she didn't get money or what she needed, they didn't get to see the child....etc...  

So, I'm happy about it, but I'm also not sure what to do next...  I don't know his parents very well.  Not really well enough to go hang.. you know?  Then there is the question of whether or not they will like Grace's bad side.... hell, I don't even like it  :)  I'm not comfortable being around Wayne so much anymore, (let alone his parents...) because I know what he's thinking and I get pissed all over again.  And..... yes.....I need to learn to let things go...  

Moving on.... Newman just wrecked... blows that theory.  Mark Martin still has a shot.  I'd go for him over Jimmy Johnson~rather tired of him.  Did anyone watch The Muppets in 'The wizard of Oz last night?   

It was the Muppets, so I let Grace stay up to watch it, but she was tired at 9, and I put her to bed.  She still woke up at 5:30.  I asked her why she woke up so early and she told me she had to hurry.  Hurry for what?  For the yard sale!  Mom got up and they went downstairs... I went back to bed.  

Stacy made me get beer tonight.  Peer pressure, I tell ya....  So, cheers, Lovey~this MGD is for you :)  <tink, tink>  Hope you have a fun evening....  

Mark Martin won :)  Gordon (the crybaby) came in 2nd, beating out his teammate, Jimmy Johnson.... oh darn ;)  

Don't know what tomorrow has in store.... but that is the beauty of it.  



vernae69 said... you should have ended up with my husband, or my dad, since you like older men :)~  And he don't mind some junk in the trunk either!

I'd tell Wayne you don't want to be with him because he's black, now that would be a pisser.

Is horse racing like Nascar for yuppies, or yankees?  Just curious.

I watched part of the muppets.  I love Kermit.  I can do a real good impression of him saying Hi Ho Kermit the frog here.  HEHEHE

I think Stacy is the only one who could get me to drink beer, and MGD, can't go wrong there!

Well said Cat, about tomorrow and the unknown.  It's what keeps us moving, the unknown.


quartrlyfecrysis said...

WTF?!?!?!?!  Mark Martin won and I didn't see it?!  this really is my year for racing!  First Kasey Kahne and now Mark Martin!!!!!!  WOO HOO!

K, so curiosity gets the best of me...did Waynes mom know about Gracie before now?  That's a difficult situation to be in, being the 'other woman' to a mother's son...especially when you have his child.  

Buttducks family didn't know about me until 2 weeks after I had Pey...then they all insisted she was his, hahaha. nope.  They still think because we talk to each other that Pey is his..I was already pregnant when I met the guy...ahahaha.

Have a great Sunday Kitty ;)

perkysgrl said...

Wow.  That is a thinker about Wayne and his parents and Gracie...

You can only do what you think is right, Cat.

And if I were you, I'd probably get pissed every time I was around him to,

knowing what he "thinks" about you...

Good Luck with that situation!!!

And yes, we watched the Muppets.  I thought it was kinda creepy... Especially Toto

being a "shrimp" (?)... Weird....  Oh well, Ro liked it.

Have a great Sunday.


otto9613944 said...

wow, how strange that you would be watching nascar at the same time that i was watching the avp, association of volleyball professionals, for you unknowing. i can't get enough of misty mays ass. i love that jiggly thing. i believe that volleyball is the nascar of the beach going. my people wear less clothes then your people, ha ha......have a great day baby, dave....

redbaranjj said...

Wow...kinda speechless about the Wayne/parents thing.  I hope that all works out of the best for all you.!!!  And you were drinking the beer that makes Milwaukee proud!!  LOL  ;)
Have a great day!!

cneinhorn said...

Enjoy your MGD!  :-)  I know zip about Nascar...unfortunately.


onecrazymomto5 said...

  Best of luck to you with Wayne and his parents.  Gotta love the guys who love you til you put on a few pounds. NOT!!!!  I missed the end of the race.  I was really hoping Kyle Busch would win.  Was a Terry Labonte fan and will be forever and not really sure I like Kyle yet, will see as time goes on.


pixiedustnme said...

OK - wow, I had no idea all that was going on with Wayne - how the heck did I miss that?  And it took him THIS long to tell his parents?  You are one patient woman.  You're right though, Grace is definately not a pawn and I guess it's his business if he doesn't want his family to know, but after all these years I'd be seething with anger.  I can't believe you haven't clocked the man!

djzgirl71 said...

MADE you get beer?  LMAO.  Sure tasted good though didnt it now?  Hee Hee...