Monday, May 2, 2005

Monday Photo Shoot and Daily Summary...

Scalzi asked and since I fall into the 'in-between significant others'  category, I'll show my most significant-exes.....  Wayne and Mohammed  :)   Picture from Hometown  

This was taken in front of the children's museum.  That's me in the middle ; ).... Mohammed is in the white shirt, and our friend, Tareq, in the black (he was a hottie! but that's a story for another day).  They're both from Amman, Jordan, and we learned a lot from each other that summer....  

This is Wayne and I.  I think we'd been together 6 years at this point and when I left him and met Mohammed.... Man, were we toasted that night  :)  still a lot of time has gone by  :)  And you can see how we had such a gorgeous kid, too   ; )  

Picture from Hometown      


Okay, on to daily stuff.....    


My day started off normal enough.  Got up, showered, went to work... blah, blah, blah...  

Mom had a follow up at the doc's office for bandage removal and a look-see to make sure the veins that got 'stabbed' (left leg) are healing and the vein that got stripped <shudder> has no blood flowing. 

They came to find a blood clot andshe had to go back to surgery at 4:30pm today.  That was the bad news.  

The good news is I got to... or rather, had to.... come home and watch Grace  :)  AND  Mom went under a local anesthetic AND was not required to stay the night.  So, she is much better this time around  :)  

Though I do feel bad for having to miss the end of my shift, I was glad to go.  I stayed until 1:00 and 13 of 14 kids were asleep, so the rest is downhill for my coworkers, who start leaving for the day at 2:30....  They will survive, but Wednesday I'll pay for it, I'm sure.  Oh well   ; )  

The new Ava came over to our room today.  She's a quiet little thing.  I'll have to take pictures of all the newbies now...  Half our wee ones are new and young!  Well, younger than others I was accustomed to...  

She is another non-talker.  At least she doesn't scream like some of the others.  And one of them, is very strong willed and stubborn.  When we scold him, he laughs...  Hope he catches on quick, or it will be a very long road until he gets to the 2's class.  

My girl was very mellow this afternoon, after a two hour nap (shock!).  I thought she may be getting sick because that is how she acts.  But that thought was gone as soon as my parents got home  :)    

She instantaneously began to climb everything while beinga pony, or train, or dog, or cat.... I think she may have even been a mouse at one point.  The joys of being 3.... and a half  ;)  It's blue day at preschool tomorrow. 

Last month of school~gone way too fast!   Don't know what she is going to do in the summer.  I mean there are only so many trips to the park one can take a day.  Not to mention outings to the zoo or children's museum one can afford.

Maybe she won't get bored playing in the yard in her sandbox or with the dogs...  I'll find something.  

Well, I've got an early day tomorrow so I'm wrapping up reading here and heading to bed.   

Hope you all had a good day....  



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thelovetrain said...

Great shots, Cat. Good to see the guys, too.

~Brian  @---->---

redbaranjj said...

All very good looking men indeed!!  And yes, I do see why Grace is such a cutie!!  ;)
I am already thinking too how long the summer is going to be...I have been looking into day far I haven't really found anything yet that doesn't cost a small fortune!!  
Have a good night and a better tomorrow!!  
Hope you Mom is feeling better too!

cneinhorn said...

nice to see photos of you and the Signifigant X's....all very nice looking indeed :-)


vernae69 said...

Wayne is such a hottie!  Thanks for sharing!

perkysgrl said...

Thanks for sharing Cat...
You mentioned that Grace is so gorgeous,
but for the like of me, I can't remember
what she looks like (durrr on me!)...
Maybe you can share a pic (or reshare!)??
Have a great week,

quartrlyfecrysis said...

oh my gosh!  only 2 months of school, not even a month and a half!  NOOOOOOOOOO!  okay, I'll learn to deal :)
The guys are cute :)  Gracie looks like a perfect mix of you and Wayne!  lucky girl :)

madmanadhd said...

No doubt some fine looking couples there. You look stunning with both Cat... but I'm sure you knew that. Glad to hear your mom is doing better, bummer about the blood clot but at least it was caught early. Keep her in my thoughts I will. I'm sure you will figure out some wonderful, simple, sumer things to do with your daughter. It's the simple things we share that can make a lasting impression.

Have an awesome day!