Tuesday, May 10, 2005

I am here... here am I...

Hello people  :)  

Yes, I am still alive and kicking... just can't seem to shake this thing in my lungs and thinking I'll end it at the doc's office.  But since I hate going, and can't stand medicine... taking it, rather, I'm trying everything I can to avoid that trip.  This includes trying not to smoke.   

Now, fellow smokers know that sitting in front of a computer is as bad as drinking and smoking.  It can get out of hand if you're not careful.  So, I have been here to read the current events of your lives... but when my email is empty (and ya'll know I love that ;) I go to my room and clean out drawers full of various size clothes that I never wear.  Gotta do it when the mood strikes :)  

See, when Mo and I split, I took all my belongings that filled a six room house and moved it all into one room.  Well, the kitchen stuff isn't up here... but you get the idea.  It's not that I have a hard time parting with things, other than shoes that is.  What I have is important or sentimental for me.  Mostly I have clothes, though.   

Drawers, closets, baskets, and more drawers and baskets full of clothes.  Clothes that my mother keeps finding stored in another closet or in the magical well of lost clothing only she knows the location of.   And yeah, I just ended a sentence with a preposition~whatcha want to do about that?   

Sorry, I'll smack that heifer down for you  :)  

As I was saying~I have a crap load of clothes and never... really never... wear them.  They just take up space, so Mom suggested a consignment shop.  I don't care where they go.  These are not new or in fashion clothes, other than my jeans collection~which, I might add, may make me a fortune in Japan ;)   But if she wants to go that route, I amuse her.  I want them simply gone. 

That's the long version of where I've been.  Now on to daily stuff...  

The girl has a rash.  Dad and I think its poison ivy.  Mom says (insists) there is none that she has played in or near.  Mom is highly likely to get in contact with the plant by osmosis roughly all summer long. 

Dad, Charlie and I don't get it easily.  Dad only having it once in his life as a child, despite camping in rough woods, and burning the plants in the backyard.  

I've covered her in calamine, and kept her home from school today.  She was a real pain the butt today, too.  Oh yeah she was!  She spit at my Dad, bit me (not hard but still...), and ran outside alone (which is forbidden to her due to the street and the cats getting outside).   

Then while I was at the store, she busted out the screen in her playroom window to let the cat out.  Luckily, she knocked it out by its frame and it is now replaced.  I don't know what got into her today.  I know she was watching Dad put the storm windows up and letting the screens down.  Pretty sure that was why she was interested in them.  Just hope she doesn't try that again.  

All of our upstairs windows we open from the top, so she has no access to those, happily!  And I've made sure there is nothing by the window she can climb on to get to them.  She's into building bridges right now, so I'll be sure and check for building materials.   :)  You should see some of her masterpieces.....  

Work on Monday sucked.  Mr Allergy cried the entire day and his mom told us he wasn't feeling good when she brought him.  Won't say more there.  It was 80F and humid.  Tomorrow is saying 87.  So it begins....  

I really rant when its hot.  I keep thinking only 7 1/2 months until Christmas and snow  ; )  

Hope you all had a good day and glad you missed me  :)  



sieblonde said...

Christmas?!!  Snow?!!  are you NUTS!?

vernae69 said...

Wanting snow already?  Girl I'm dying for some hot sun...but not enough to re-locate any time soon.  hubby keeps me warm enough, for now :)

Poison Ivy, ugh, had it once all over my face, eyes swelled shut and everything, I swear I wasn't rolling in the woods with anyone ;)


pixiedustnme said...

Yup - I missed you!  And this crud that is going around is the pits!  One of the ladies I work with it turned into pneumonia, one has had a cough that she can't seem to shake (we're talking over a month now)  I got the weak version of it and I'm hoping that will be it for me!

redbaranjj said...

Send some of that warmth here!!  Right now it's only 41 with winds of 25mph...my little weather thing says it feels like 31 degrees out there right now...heck if I will leave the house!!  
I sure hope you start to feel better soon!!  I know what you mean...I hate going to the doctor too...just hate it...and we have been there enough just this year alone with Josh!  :::sigh:::
And ... Yes, I missed you!!  I must smoke a pack an hour when I read journals.  ;)

onecrazymomto5 said...

  You have to love the days when the children get the -"have to do everything they aren't supposed to bug."  Mine had it today for sure!!!!


quartrlyfecrysis said...

Okay, I know I'm really late reading this but I hope you're doing better now...I guess I'll find out in a few entries ;)
Poor Gracie, I haven't had poison ivy, got poison oak on my leg when I was a teen.  I picked up the oils off a horses fur from riding bareback in shorts..well that's most likely where it came from because I hadn't touched any and it was right on my calf where you give the horse leg.  So maybe she picked it up from a pet..that's what I was getting at!
Pey had one of those do everything you can to piss me off weeks!  My patience was thin!  and this spawn has busted up the screens in her room, made holes to throw toys out, and has terrorized the sliding screen door...as of now it has pink gum stuck in it...so I have to replace those!  kids are fun aren't they :)~
The bridges sound cool, you should take pictures!
Take it easy doll~