Monday, May 16, 2005


Have I mentioned how much you guys are some writing fools?!  It is 11:00 pm and I have now emptied my alerts for the day~shewww.  

Nah, I've actually had a nice time reading at your places tonight...    

So, I go into work today, and find 5 of us in our room with only 11 kids.... Mrs. Lead took off to run some errands :)  Seems both Assts 1 and 2, were leaving early....  that left yours truly and one of the home-for-summer-college-girls to close shop.   

#1 left at 11:00.  #2 left at 2:00.  #4 came in at 2:30, which meant 4 of us, still, with 11 kids.  Staff overage never happens in our room.  Period.  So, I kept asking h-f-s-c-g if she was being moved to another room and she kept saying no.   By 4:30, we were down to 8 tots.  That only requires 2 caregivers, so Mrs. Lead and #4 took off. 

Not 15 minutes after they left, here comes Mrs. Office Manager looking to move h-f-s-c-g to another room... Ooops....  Funny thing, I kept saying (to myself) I know she's going to move as I never have another person with me until closing time.  

Anyway... Grace's last official day of school is tomorrow.  She has a carnival there on Thursday from 10-11 am.  So, that should be a good time.  I kind of feel like I should try to get some numbers of friends of hers for summer play dates... but, honestly, I like the kids better than their parents.  Would it be rude to call and ask if only their child can come out to play?  

Oh, speaking of her class, here is her class photo:   Picture from Hometown  

Is it me, or does she look bigger than her female (and some male)classmates?  Her feet are the only ones on the floor!  I was always taller, and later heavier, than all mine.  I don't care on the taller part, but I'm making sure she doesn't deal with the heavier part ;)   

Not that she's deprived of sweets... but she knows the 'protein before sugar' routine very well by now.  And her favorite foods are still blueberries, broccoli, and asparagus :)  How many 3-year-olds do you know who ask for those to eat while shopping in the grocery?   

Well, not too much more to report here...  think I'm heading bedward :)  



redbaranjj said...

She sure is one cute kid!  I love how she eats asparagus!!  Josh looked at it and said "No way that's going in my mouth!"  LOL.  
I just love her class picture...Gracie is sitting so nice!!  And some of those other kids expressions...too funny!  
Have a good night Sweet Dreams!!

louie0768 said...

I remember getting a kids pack at Subway for my younger kids. There were under 5. But the kid making the sandwich stopped and gave me a funny look. I should explain that I had ordered lettuce, onion, green pepper, tomatoes and pickles on ham. Anyway, he looked at me and said, 'You're kids eat this stuff?'

I laughed because it was such an odd question to me but in retrospect can see why he would ask. Most kids these days thrive on junk and balk at anything healthy. Subway is considered a treat in my house, not a staple.

mum24boyz said...

wow, broccoli, blueberries and asparagus?? I don't even eat! I love the class picture!!

Robyn :)

vernae69 said...

Well, we have 17 (ahhhhh) kids, at any given time here, and it's usually just me and Maryann from 9-1, then from 1-3:30 I fly solo, thank god that's naptime.  Maryann comes back at 3:30, and it's my Mom, her, and me until 5:30.  Mom's a floater, so I never know when she's going to be here.  I'm looking forward to this summer, I'm off (sorta) from 1 to 3:30, so I can watch my kids and keep them from killing each other in the pool all summer!   Getting paid to tan, and I still hate my job, what's wrong with me?!?!?

Yes, Grace looks bigger than the rest of the gang, and smarter too ;)

perkysgrl said...

Wow, sounds like a busy busy day :) lol... Glad you had fun visiting all the other J's... Miss Grace is such a cutie!! Yes, she does look taller than other kids, but not heavier!  She is just fine...

happysunshien said...

my kiddos would pick a veggie and fruit over candy any day of the week!  and If her daddy is my hubby..she will get taller and even out like Kadie has...we have had that worry....


quartrlyfecrysis said...

she's so adorable!  Pey likes veggies too, she's big on salads and asparagus is one of her favorites too.  At one point it was the only vegetable other than carrots that Chris would eat ;)

pixiedustnme said...

Yup, she definately looks bigger.  Grace has a girl in her class who is the same way.  You can just tell she's going to be a "big" girl.  She's at least a head taller than the tallest kid in the class, and she's one of the youngest!  I often think I wish I had that tall gene, but then I remember it's just as frustrating to be taller than everybody than it is to be too short >sigh<  

missboogerhead said...

Your daughter is adorable.  I also visited the ones wiht the kids pix form work, very cute.  Thanks for the visit to my journal.  Glad you can relate to my life... sometimes you feel like the only one! lol :-)
~Miss O

onecrazymomto5 said...

  Gracie looks like she is going to be tall.  Nothing wrong with that except buying pants long enough.  My kids love salads and fruits over the junk food too.  But NO asparagus.  Actually they won't try it because they think it looks funny and nasty.