Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Calling common sense... here, common sense...

I just heard a story on the news of a death row inmate scheduled to die next week, who wants to prolong that time so that he can donate his liver to his sister, in desperate need of a new one.  A parole board needs to decide whether to postpone his death or not.  

Now, I'm not sure which I find more disgusting here~the fact that there is a question as to if this may not  happen or the fact that they need a parole board to make the decision.  Don't you think it should be a given?  The man is going to die, he won't be needing it anymore.   

And what's the difference between letting him die after the surgery or in jail?  All they have to do is not stop the bleeding... he'll already be under anesthesia, not like he'll suffer.  

This man killed an elderly woman here several years ago, so his fate is sealed.  But why should his sister miss out on the rest of her life?  Her brother is a perfect match, too.  

This is one case, I'm hoping the parole board consists of some common sense....  



redbaranjj said...

I am totally speechless!!  OMG!!  WTF???  He won't be needing it anymore...
:::just shaking my head:::
Keep me posted on the outcome...I would be interested to know what happen.

djzgirl71 said...

What the fuck is common sense?


mum24boyz said...

Sounds absurd to me...I'll tell you, everything is just so regulated it's insane..let the woman have the organ, for goodness sake.

sunflowerkat321 said...

I agree with you.  If someone can benefit from this guys existence...it should be a no brainer.

nighterror5 said...

Hey Cat! Nice thoughtful entry, the guy won't need it anymore so let his sister have it.. WTF is there to think about? Some people in this world make me sick but yet if it were somoene in the government there would be no thinking! Sick sick sick.

Theresa @-->---
P.S. Thanks for the comment in my journal =)

perkysgrl said...

I hole heartedly (sp??) agree with you!!

This guy won't need it anymore, why not just give it to the sister??

Why do they need to "think about it"? It should be a given!!!

Weird situation, really... Kinda makes you think what is wrong with this world

sometimes, huh??  Thanks for sharing this story of "common sense".


vernae69 said...

Actually I'm just surprised his sister kept in contact with him all these years.  I thought family just let ya rot, all alone.  Maybe she didn't talk to him for years, but wanted to save her own life and thought she could use her brother to do it.  Either way she's a bitch, and I say better her than me.

Just give her the damn organ and be done with it, I can only handle one "Terri Schiavo" type case a year.

louie0768 said...

Are they afraid that giving her his liver will create another murderer or something.

Geez, I guess everything needs to be analyzed huh? I guess everything falls under the scrutiny of the courts these days. If I wanted my big toe cut off because i thought it was useless and might give another an extra finger do you suppose I would have to fight in court?

sarajanesmiles said...

Makes no sense, any way you look at it, the guy isn't going to be around to need his liver, and someone else will have a better chance at a healthy life.  I don't understand what it is they have to decide, the answer is obvious really isn't it!
Sara   x

quartrlyfecrysis said...

Love this song!!!
Doesn't it amaze you sometimes that things we see as totally logical are put up for debate like this.  Common sense definitely seems to be lacking now-a-days.  I hope they give the sister his liver, sheesh.
I heard on the news last night that they're trying to ban lethal injection in 30 something states saying it's cruel and unusual punishment.  Ha-ha...like the crimes commited by people on death row aren't cruel and unusual.  Hmph, sigh.
Craziness, I tell ya.

onecrazymomto5 said...

Common sense with a parole board???  I sure hope they decide to MAKE him donate his liver, and bleed to death with NO anesthesia!!  Sorry not feeling sappy tonight.  I am a firm believer in the death penalty - sorry if I offend anyone.