Saturday, February 26, 2005

Better late than never.....

Well, yesterday didn't go quite as planned, but that's nothing new if there's kids involved.  

Grace finally woke up around 1:30 (two hours later than I wanted to start out).  I got her dressed, rebraided her hair, and off we went.  We stopped for gas first since the gas tank showed 1/4 left.  This amount of gasoline probably would've been enough for some, but not in my guzzler.  I drive a '78 Lincoln Continental  :)   What can I say, I'm sucker for a nice, heavy, steel bound vehicle with a huge V-8 engine.   

It's kind of funny, too.  People see my car and automatically think because its an old car that they can just drive right by.... hold on~I'm laughing too hard to type...    

I'm driving back from Sam's Club and I get stopped by a light.  I had passed this BMW before, so he got in the right lane to stop at the light, I was in the left.  The light turns green (and I know he's going to try to get back in front of me), so I hit the gas and the horses under my hood hauled my ass past the dumb ass in the BMW.  I could hear his engine straining as he's trying to accelerate faster than I am.   It sounded like it was about to blow up, too.  But he kept trying, even though I was already ahead of him by that point.  

Here's a hint for those drivers who believe newer is always better.... you're wrong!  Unless one is driving a BMW made for a Gran Prix~you ain't getting in front of me.  My engine is bigger.  It doesn't matter how old a car is, just what shape the motor and transmission is in, and mine is still Tip-Top~so there Mr. Fancy schmancy BMW driver  :)  (You also pay more, a lot more, than I do for license plates and insurance)  :::raspberries:::    I waved to him as I went by  :)  

Then we went to the grocery.  It wasn't busy yet, but getting there-so we hurriedly got what we came for.  Last thing we needed was peanut butter to be finished, so I go to that aisle and who do we run into?  Dad.  He was getting stuff to make clam chowder for tonight. 

Gracie saw him at the other end of the aisle and yells "Poppy!"  He didn't hear her... so she started barking!  Yes, barking.  Of course, that got everyone's attention, including my dad.  He knows her bark by now :)  

She wanted to go with him, but we were done and Dad took her carseat out of his truck.  She didn't like it, but she went home with me.  By this time it was almost 4 o'clock, my work closes at 6 and the bank closes then, too.  So I put the groceries away and Dad came home.  Grace was tired from the other running around, so I left her with Dad while I got my check and hit the bank. 

I wasn't about to drive to the Mexican place in Friday night rush hour, which started at 4.....  We'll go another time.   I had been craving Long John Silver's since reading about it in someone's journal~can't remember whose... So, that was dinner.  I never eat this stuff~ but now and then, I'll get the urge and nothing stops it but eating some.  Eat we did.  Grace ate a whole piece of fish, cole slaw, both hush puppies, and a few fries.  I had the chicken.  I don't do fish well  :)  

Lots going on in Indy today!  Stephen Hilbert's (of Conseco) mansion and all items in it are being auctioned off today.  If you don't know about Hilbert, he cheated his worker's out of their retirement funds.  The mansion has a heliport on it as well as the usual tennis courts, swimming pools, etc.  It would suck to have all that and watch it be auctioned off at cheap prices.  Serves him right, too, though.

There are also open auditions for 'The Apprentice' and a new Martha Stewart type of show going on here today.  I am watching on the news right now and the lines of people are wrapped around the building.  But they said if folks are in line before Noon, everybody will be seen.  How cool!

In good news, we have a little 14-month-old boy from Afghanistan here at Riley Children's Hospital for heart surgery.  The military and the Shriner's are footing the $50,000 bill.  The boy's father walked with him out of the mountains searching for medical assistance not available there.  They made it to an Army medical facility, but found they couldn't do what the boy needed.  (Did anyone watch ER last week?  This is a lot like what Galant went through to get the burned girl some help).  

As much as I'm happy this adorable little boy getting the help he needs, I wonder how many others don't....  Guess I shouldn't dwell on the what if's and concentrate on the what is's  :)  Still, its good for the world to see us giving, too.  I'll keep you posted on the boy's condition as they proceed.  

Now, here it is Saturday.  I started with yet another cold yesterday, but I'm all over it with meds.  I'm tired of catching things.  I'm not sure what else I can do, short of putting myself into a plastic bubble, to stop this never ceasing load of germs from invading my body.  If I wash my hands any more during the day, I'll have no skin left.... guess that's one way  :)  

That's all from me, for now.  I didn't go out last night.  I should've.  I got Johnny's taxes done, but didn't get JC's or Mel's yet, hopefully they'll bring them by this weekend.  Wayne should be bringing my money by for his sometime today.   

Hope you all have a great Saturday.....  



pixiedustnme said...

(from my children's hospital orientation packet) your new position expect to be "exposed" to children of all ages, from various parts of the region.  Children are the best carries of many kinds of illnesses, simply because they are around other children all day long.  Expect to be sick for the better part of the first year you are employed here.  For illnesses that do no include a fever, please make sure you wear a mask while working (ya, right, that's what no kid is afraid of, an employee in a mask!  rofl).  If you have a fever......  of course this goes on and on - but this is your bonus for your new job!  Enjoy yourself sickie :-)

luvinmythreeboyz said...

You wanna race my oldsmobile Achieva ROFL !!! Hugs Heather

quartrlyfecrysis said...

Hehehe, you could join me in the Nascar 55, hehehe!  Chris always talks like he's a driver when he's on the road...'taking the inside on the 4, getting a bit loose, comin in for a track bar adjustment'....hahaha.  I don't know what it is, but my dad taught me about driving when I was younger...he used to race stock cars for now I just get a kick of out driving people ;)  Glad you took beamer boy!
I hope those germs keep their distance!
Have a good one Cat!

redbaranjj said...

I am with ya on the older cars with the better engines!!  I had an old cutlass...I would beat everyone off the line ... I sure miss that car.  
Have a great day!