Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Today's Fun....

Hey guys, guess what?  I didn't have to wipe nearly the snot I did on Monday  :)   So my day was fairly decent on nose patrol.... yea!   

Let's see~ there were 13 kids for the better part of the day, the 14th left early for an appointment.  We had a trial with a new girl, Olivia, who is coming in I believe next month.  I guess the kids go for short visits to the new rooms they'll be assigned.  Good for the kids to get used to it.  This girl cried for about 5 minutes.  Its not loud in the early toddler room or the older baby room, unless someone is crying.  

I took my camera in today and took a couple shots for you guys.  Since its all I seem to talk about anymore  :::laughs:::  Now you can know what (and some kids) I talk about.  And I got a shot of the tables, because I think they're cool  :)  

Picture from Hometown  

The sub in the picture used to work there while she was in high school.  She is planning on getting a teaching degree for K-6.  She's good with the kids, too.  Sure hope she comes back, there's not many I really like.... though I get along with anyone for 8 hours, you know?  

Picture from Hometown    

#4 and preggo sub did nothing but sit there and talk, leaving new sub and me alone with 13 kids, though 2 left soon after preggo sub showed up.  By this time of day, all the kids are tired of being there, sleepy, and probably getting hungry again.  (Nae & Stace~ you guys know what I'm saying here)  It was complete chaos.  

Kids fighting

over toys, beating the holy hell out of each other, taking stuff away from each other, or just whining.... and those two kept on chatting about whatever BS, while I'm trapped on the floor with 4 kids fighting to sit on my lap and poor new sub was trying to console Ty, who cried all day .... and deal with 4 others as well.  She's a saint.  Heck, I am too... because I came real close to losing it~on my 3rd week there.  

But, I believe in giving people a long rope to hang themselves with... and this was only the second time.  The last time~it was just the 3 of us, so #4 had to pay attention, a little....  So, we'll see how long this lasts (wonder when preggo sub is due~she looks like it may be real soon).  It irritates me when people don't do their job, but even more when I have to do it for them.....  

We still had 6 kids at 5:30, which is very unusual, so #4 had to stay until I had 4 kids left and her buddy left then.  The 2 that met her quota for exit left about 10 minutes later.  Boy, do I love that part of the day, I sit down and read to the last four and it is peaceful and quiet.   

Parents come in and its not loud, screaming babies running up to them, each yelling 'mommy' or 'daddy', arms raised-like they're begging that parent to take them out of here, too...  Funny in a way, but also sad, too.  I am lucky Gracie didn't have to go through that, but something is to be said for the structure~the kids know the limits pretty well.  

Speaking of my monster, she was being one tonight when I got home.  She didn't stop until I put her to bed at 7pm.  She usually goes to bed between 7-8, because the stupid train comes through at O'My God in the morning, blowing the hell out of his whistle for 5 miles both directions, waking her up at 6 am every day.  She's not quiet when she gets up either...oh no..... because she was woken up, she's very loud as she bounces on her bed and sings "I been working on the railroad" to the sound of his tooter....  

Anyway, she was the type of bad where your kid looks at you and smiles, then proceeds to do the thing that's going to get them in trouble~that "you see what I'm doing, now what are you going to do about it" challenge~  God, I love a good challenge   :)    

She refused to eat dinner after taking two bites of chicken.  Fine.  No food until breakfast.  She refused to pick her toys up.  Okay.  Into the trash bag they go. (I don't throw them away, just take them~its a clear message-if she doesn't want it or take care of it-it's gone)  Same premise goes with having many different relationships in life, by the way.  So, you guys think I'm a bitch mom.  I am.  Get over it  :)  Be glad I'm not yours :::winks:::   

She did pick up the rest of her toys once I got the bag, so I only ended up with a few this time, so you all don't feel so bad for her...lmao.  Then she pulled the pouty "I'm hungary" (she pronounces it that way, I didn't misspell) to Papa, so he gives her cheese and crackers, which she greedily gobbled up while smiling at me.  This child is good, very good.....  She should be happy we don't live alone, she would have no food until morning.  She kept on with the attitude, so off to bed with her  :)  

Once I got her upstairs she was good, but I had the beginnings of a headache by her bedtime.  She is so different one on one.  When all 3 adults are here, she goes crazy...bouncing between us or standing in the middle screaming if anyone is talking to anyone else but her.  I once thought raising kids would get easier as they got older, but now I know its just different variations of hard....  

Oh well, life rolls on and so must I....  



sieblonde said...

Love the pictures!   Those tables... what will they think of next?  ~Sie

thelovetrain said...

Yes, that's a bunch of kids, and tables <~(I 'could' use one of those).

What in the hell is happening here, love? Take the support-bolts out of that desk chair, and photograph it when someone else sits down. Slap one of those bitches up-side the head, and have someone shoot the Cat-fight. Play fucking kid-toss across the room, and drop one on film. DO 'SOMETHING'! [:\]

Pretty-please? [:)]

~Smooches, Brian  @--->----

sarajanesmiles said...

Am thinking those tables are a very good they make them for five year olds the size of 7 year olds???
Sara    x

quartrlyfecrysis said...

haha, so true that it's just different variations of hard!!  and these little girls man, they are just tough through and through ;)

The daycare is awesome, I've never seen one like that before.  Could have used a table like that a few years ago when my sister stayed with us with her 5 kids...we had 4 kids under 3,  meal time was crazy!!

I'm 'mean mommy' a lot of the time, what can you do.  When Pey says, your mean..I tell her, no I'm mom.  It gets the job done though, and I'm only mean if I'm telling her to do something she doesn't want to...I can live with that ;)

Take it easy doll~

redbaranjj said...

Those tables are too cool!!  That must make things tons easier!  And you are far from being a bitch mom...if you are...then I am.  I have the same set of rules on the toys and the eaing.  Finally at the age of 6 he has gotten the hint and his room has been spotless!  :)  Good Luck with those "lazy one's"  at work!!