Thursday, February 24, 2005

Pint-sized Picasso Night....

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This is my..... oh, I lost count.... attempt to get this in here.  

Mom and Child Night at Grace's school was really fun!  It was all about being pint-sized Picassos.... and all the kids had a blast.  I think some parents even had more fun than the kids  :)  

We got there 10 minutes early and already it was crowded in areas.  The teachers had set up each room (there are 4 classrooms... small classrooms) as a different type of art project station. The kids had already 'sculpted' earlier in the week, and those were all hardened and ready to be taken home.  

One room was set up with paints.  One with beads for bracelets.  One with crayons and paper hearts to color.  And the last was tissue paper in various colors and shapes for collages.  It was funny to watch some parents 'helping' with the crafts.  This one little boy, while trying to make a bracelet for himself, gave his mom a piece of the tubing they were using and told her to make her own.  We all laughed and she stopped 'helping' him.  It was so funny :)  

Grace and I went into the crayon room first, the other rooms were pretty crowded as parents were squeezing in with their kids at the tables.  And I figured we might as well get that out of the way since its her least favorite activity  :)  We were in there all of maybe 10 minutes, and only because one of her classmates came in.  Grace was done coloring in less than 2....   Picture from Hometown Picture from Hometown  

Next we ventured to the paint room.  They provided 4" x 6" canvases for them to paint on, but most were more interested in squirting 1/2 a gallon of paint onto them from the cute little paint squirters they used to transfer it to the canvases.  They ran out of paper towels really fast in that room.  But it was all in good fun....  

Then we went into the collage room, which was Grace's actual classroom.  She could do this stuff all day!  She loves to glue things here.  One of her favs is to glue 'jewels' onto old egg cartons.  She calls them caterpillars, lizards, and snakes.  But it'll distract her for hours at times.  I don't help her either, just sit there and watch her create.   

 Picture from Hometown

Finally we made it into the now deserted bracelet-making room.  Abandoned because all the 'good' beads were taken.  But being the scavengers we are, we struck gold under the table  :)  My friend (the pregnant one from class), Lori, was there with her daughter, so we chatted while beading.      

She was helping her kid.  I stuck a bead on Grace's that fit tightly enough to hold the others on, and let her have at it.  She's been stringing beads since she was under a year old, an old pro by now.  For a moment, I thought she had a pattern going, which is unusual for her-she's more an abstract thinker so far.  But in the end, there was none visible to me.  She has her own way of thinking.  Great for her, too :)   Picture from Hometown  

Remind me I said that in about 7 or 8 years......  

They also had cheese and crackers, with little 1/2-pint bottles of water.  Grace went crazy over the little bottles, she'd never seen ones so small.  We only get the big ones around here.  We ate some and drank some, but then she was ready to leave.  She didn't want to stay for singing~ so we said bye to everyone and left.  

We still had to go to the video store to return a movie she had and she wanted to get 'Lion King' this time.  She was getting pretty sleepy, too.  So we went there and came home.  She was worn out and barely made it through dinner.  

Her buddy, Jake, was there and they hung out for a few minutes in the collage room.  I was the only one taking pictures.  Parents probably thought I was some kind of overzealous mom....  but I always take my camera with me~ you never know what you might see.....

Grace's admirer~   

Hopefully, I can finally get this in here!  



happysunshien said...

ya know i thought i was the only parent that lived for moments like glad there is another one like me...hehehehe

redbaranjj said...

Awww...what a beautiful moment that the both of you will treasure forever!!  I loved this entry!  And I take my camera everywhere too!  I am soooo glad you both had such a wonderful time!!  And Gracie is so beautiful!!!

quartrlyfecrysis said...

Grace is so adorable, and what an artist :)  Pey's very 'abstract' too, her teacher said something about it with her development..I had to explain that she's always painted/drawn like this, you can't force the child to draw something 'normal'.  I love Graces tissue collage, she looks so intent on what she's doing in the photo, gosh she's a doll :)
So glad you two had a good time!  Have a great weekend Cat~

emeraldcalf said...

That looked like so much fun. Thanks for sharing the pics!!