Monday, February 21, 2005

Thanks, Mr. Presidents.....

I have a new found love for President's Day  :)  Only when I worked for USAC did I get this holiday off.  I know there are not that many businesses that close to celebrate it, other than government offices, postal services, and schools.     Why am I so happy? 

Because, it's President's Day..... that means some parents were off work and we only had 12 kids today, until noon, then 1 left, leaving us 11.  And Ms. Hurricane was not one of them  :)  :)  :)     

It was so peaceful and quiet with only a couple episodes of fighting babies.  But, I did notice that time moved very slowly.  Why is it when there is no chaos, each second takes ten minutes to pass?  And, of course, my 6 o'clocker's were there.... it's not like I ever expect to ever be able to leave early like the others do.    

Yeah, because we only had 12, as soon as I walked in the door, Asst #3 left for the day (there were 3 of us left, state ratio is 4:1).  When #4 came in, #2 left early, too.  I'm not going to like that... I can just tell.  Ms. Cat may just 'be late' on the next holiday :)    

I made my class tonight, despite trying to talk myself out of going all day.  We talked about instilling thinking skills in kids and watched a short movie (we watch one for each class) showing parents reading with their kids and how they got the kids to interact.  It was a short lesson as all the parents there already do these things.  But I did find a connection with this topic and one of my daycare kids.     

This one little girl does nothing for herself.  She will stand in the middle of a room full of toys and not make a move until another kid has a toy.  Then she wants that one.  This girl won't play with toys on her own, it's like she doesn't have a clue of how to figure out which toy she wants.  She basically can't think for herself yet, or isn't allowed to.    

We were reading tonight before the last two got picked up, and she wouldn't take a book from the pile.  She wanted the one the other girl had.  So, the other girl gave it to her and got another book.  Then she wanted that one... and it continued.     

Now, I know that at home, this child doesn't get a chance to do for herself at all.  She does have an older sister who is around 6 or 7, so I'm assuming the older does for the younger.... ALL THE TIME.     

Her language skills are lacking because of it, too.  She points and grunts.  Again, I'm assuming someone just gives her what she wants instead of making her tell them, or at least repeat its name after they say it.  Not the best thing for a kid.  But kids like this, I feel, are better off at daycare.  She'll learn faster being with kids her age.     

Ok, what else?    

Gracie has class tomorrow and the mother/child thing in the evening.  So, that should be fun.  Let me go charge my batteries now... so I'll have a new set ready.  Done.  I sure hope Jacob is there, Gracie may be disappointed if he isn't.  He showed her a new karate move... lol.  She does it and says "Look, Mommy, Jacob taught me that."  It's so cute.  She's so funny....    

Mom is okay and went to work today.  Nothing keeps her down for long.  She only takes vacation days from work long enough to travel to her destination and return to work the day after she arrives back home.  She's always been a workaholic.  Though Grace around has slowed her down.... some.   

We're supposed to be heading up to PA in June (winks to Nae and Val).  I'm not sure yet if I can go, but Grace is supposed to go with Mom and Dad.  Grace will meet the rest of my Mom's side of the family. 

She only knows my Grandma, and two aunts.  Mom's side is huge, unlike my Dad's~where my brother and I are the only children born from my Grandma's four kids, and Grace is the last in line, for now.  Who knows... that may change.    

I'm off to watch 'Super Nanny'.  I didn't get my fill of kids today  :) My only problem with this ow is how Jo leaves and always has to come back.  Is there a point to that?  Will there be a family who gets it on the first try?  I hope so, or her leaving is simply pointless.

Have a nice night..... 


PS~ Hey, Bri~ I'm baaaaaaaaaaaack, though a 'few' words shy of your quota  :::winks:::


redbaranjj said...

Gracie is so cute with her little boyfriend Jacob!  I hope you have a great time tomorrow night!  Can't wait to see pictures!!!

quartrlyfecrysis said...

Yeah, it's definitely important to let kids figure things out for themselves.  It gives them self confidence and helps them figure out how they think and work out problems.  
Maslow did a lot of research in Indian tribes and found that they always let the young ones figure out things without stepping in.  Like if a 2 year old couldn't open a heavy door, they wouldn't open it for them..they'd let the kid figure it out themself, even if it took all day.  It's only an accomplishment if they feel like they've actually done something :)
Have a great time with Grace at the mother/child party!

vernae69 said...

Man, I knew I should have told my Mom to close for this holiday, my kids go back to school tomorrow, THANK GOD!  They are just too much, with the daycare and all, and I think they have finally realized, staying home, is worse than going to school!