Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Mid-week wrap up...

Ok, let me run down my week so far....  

Monday~V-Day~My sinuses started their thing Sunday, but I went to work, as usual.  We had 16 kids (2 new that did nothing but stand in one place and cry... no.... make that a screaming cry... ALL DAY!    

Emily W., who is just cute as can be-- and when she smiles.... Oh My God... this girl should be famous some day.... and Olivia, a dark eyed, dark haired beauty who has the most piercing cry I've ever heard.  We had our Valentine's Day party, which was alright... but they are 1-yr-olds, you know...    Some parents came and those kids went home early.  I was there until 5:50 (woo-hoo), so I made my class on time for a change :) 

We talked about bedtime issues and how to get kids to go to & stay in bed.  I think I was the only one who didn't have a problem getting their kid to go to bed.    Gracie loves her bed and her room.  Sure, she argues some when I tell her it's bedtime.... but once she's in bed-she's asleep. 

They asked me my 'trick' and I said she's been sleeping in her room since she was 9 months old.  Same ritual, same time... all the time.  It'll be harder the older the child gets....  Super Nanny is on it, most of the time.  :)  

Tuesday:  Sinuses throbbing.... it was 65 degrees (F) outside and sunny.  Do you think I got to enjoy any of it?  A big fat NOPE on that... I spent my day laying on the couch, puking in between taking and picking the girl up from school.  I called work to see if anyone else got sick, but no one did.  

I didn't 'feel' bad other than the sinuses... just couldn't keep anything down. (And don't even go there....unless God himself knocked me up~that's out of the question).  So, Mom got a doc to get me a Z-pak (Zithromax)... and that thing cost $63.99 for 6 pills!  It better knock this out in one day for that money!  

Today:  I went to work only to find out one of the kids who was there on Monday had pink eye, Ms. Hurricane had the runs x6 on Tuesday (plus 3 more that night) and was there today and had 2 more..... she went home early.  My sinuses still hurt.....  now my throat is sore (There was a case of strep throat in Gracie's classroom last week -the day before their V-Day party....but she is fine).  

Now... other than pregnancy, I don't get sick (I don't count colds as sick)...... or.... I used to not get sick.  I take vitamins and wash my hands all the time....knew I should've invested in Airborne, damn it... but this sucks.  I will not be sick all the time.... I can't be~I'm such a baby when I'm sick.  Of course, I'm still smoking.... not as much, but still am.   

So, that's where things stand at this moment.  Tomorrow is either worse or better.... we'll see  :)   I was supposed to have a staff meeting tomorrow, but it was postponed.  That may be a very good thing....    

Have a good night all.... hope alerts start working soon  :)  



djzgirl71 said...

I sure hope you get to feeling better luv!  Thanks for visiting my photo j I love your comments.  I am going to check out that link you gave me!!!  Get better!

Love Ya,
Stacy oxoxoxox

redbaranjj said...

(((Cat))))  I sure hope you feel better soon!!  I will be thinking about you!! *hugs*

sarajanesmiles said...

I think alerts are working again, judging by my full mailbox this morning!!
Hope you feel better soon girlie.
Sara   x

quartrlyfecrysis said...

Aren't viruses just lovely ;)  I hope you get to feeling better really soon doll, being sick sucks, especially when you get older.  Pey was on Zithromax for her ear infection and she was feeling great the day after her first dose...I hope it works that well for you too!
I'm with you on the bedtime stuff, I've never really had a problem with getting Pey to bed.  We've had the same routine since she started sleeping in a bed, bathroom, brush teeth, get a book, give kisses...up to bed for a story then not a sound and lights out 30 minutes later.  Routines are soooo important, maybe you should be the next Super Nanny ;)
I hope the rest of your week is a bit easier to take, get better soon!

isoldhimonebay said...

I just had the whole sinus/chest congestion for 4 weeks!!  Never got an antibiotic for it so it must have been viral.....I hope you feel better real soon!!

OMG....I could not have listened to those kids scream the whole freakin day!  

My daughter also loves her room and her bed.  She goes to sleep with no problems.  I don't have a secret....I think you're right though....routine is EVERYTHING!!

Hope you feel better!!


vernae69 said...

Sorry you had a crappy, stuffy, pukey, pink eyein' kinda week...same here!  Gotta love daycares!

I don't have a problem getting my kids to bed secret?  I make Bill do it, I'm a softy, I'd let them stay up all night if he wasn't around!


alilcountrycharm said...

(((CAT))) Hope you feel better soon :-(  
Love & Hugs,