Thursday, February 10, 2005

Parties 'n pimpin'....

Grace's school party today was the best one yet :)    

If the kids weren't so tired, they would've had a better time, but they still had fun.  I forgot my camera, too.... I'm so bad sometimes, but Nikki's mom had brought hers so maybe I can get copies.  There were 5 parents there, too.  Normally there's 3 of us, with a 4th now and then.  Can't wait for the trip to the Children's Museum~ I bet all the parents go!   

I'm switching Grace to the morning class next year, as are at least 4 of the other kids whose parents were there today.  (We'll get first choice too, since the kids already attend.  I knew afternoons would be hard for her since she gets up so early.  Most days I try to get her to take a nap before school, but it hasn't been working lately....  It is good to know she's not the only one who is so tired, but poor Mrs. Teacher :(     

Two of her friends in her class are going into Pre-K next year and their moms asked if Gracie was.   But since her birthday is the end of September, she'll miss the cutoff date to get in this time.  Unless I can get her in by level of development, which is possible.  So, I'll need to work with her a little more on the Pre-K skills I got from the home-school site.   

On the way out, a little boy named Jacob, in her class, ran across the parking lot to say goodbye (for the 3rd time) to Gracie.... guess love is in the air.  I still scolded him for running across the parking lot and his mom was yelling at him to stop, too.  I guess I can't turn it off... it's in me to talk to every kid like they're mine.  But you'd like it, too  :)   

Anyway, Jake wanted Gracely to come to hishouse and play.  I told him in the summer, we can get together when we can play outside... maybe go to the park.  He seemed okay with that.  He is a sweetie.  He and Kailee are my favorites in her class.  Yeah, yeah... I am taken to some more than others, but I treat them all the same.  Its just the way I feel for them, I don't show favoritism....  

Hey, no call from work today, either.... but I have a feeling about tomorrow.  Hope I'm wrong, too.  I feel silly complaining about working two days a week-but keep in mind it has been over three years since I've worked outside my home.  I need to get back in shape.... or mind set... for work  :::laughs:::  

'Nough 'bout 'dat....  

My favorite Alaskan J~Lander, Jaime, is pimping some folks... yours truly being one (thank you Jaime :)  Stop by and check her out... you won't be disappointed.  I know some of you read her already, isn't she just great?!  She can make me laugh the same way Groovy does....... and we all love us some Groovy (who has moved to  

Grace is asleep now and I have the beginnings of headache.... maybe from the kids, maybe from smoking, maybe from.... heck, could be just because.  I'm trying to find something more interesting to discuss, but nothing has moved me that strongly yet.  Well, maybe I just haven't gathered my thoughts enough to write....  

So, I bid you all farewell~for now  :)  

Be good, kids....  or naughty adults     :::winks:::  



visionarydiva1 said...

I think it is so crazy how they have these dates for the kids to attend kidnergarten. I think they should just test the kids and see where they place. At my kids old school if you passed the test for kidnergarten you could go to school all day but if you failed you only went half a day how backwords is that. If you fail you need to go to school all need that extra learning time!! Glad to hear the kids had a good time.


vernae69 said...

I'm slowly getting over the fact, that my street smart 4 year old will not start kindergarten until she is almost 6...flippin' cut off date is Aug.31st, and she won't be 5 til October, but that's okay with me, I started school at 4 1/2, which is way too young.  

I love when kids are in "love"...ain't nuthin sweeter!


redbaranjj said...

I am glad Gracie's party went so well!  And love is in the air!!  :)
Gonna have to check out your link there...I am always in the mood for a new read!

thelovetrain said...

You work TWO-DAYS a week? That sucks, and the concept alone exhausts me. Thankfully, I've forgotten the reality, of that nightmare. [:\]

I like having you in my Buddy List, anyway (Tadpole!). Just stay home, Cat. [:)]

~Love, Brian  @---->---

quartrlyfecrysis said...

I've just learned that having other kids over is only a good thing if they can go OUTside!  Pey had 'the boys' over yesterday and OMG, I coulda crawled into an air duct and hidden all afternoon ;)
I'm glad Gracie, and you-hehe, had a great time at the party!  I don't get to go to Pey's school party :(  That means I have to make it up by going to eat lunch at one of those midget tables...oh the joy ;)
I got lucky that Pey's birthday is in June so she was right in the middle for starting school.  Check out the testing stuff to get her started early since she'll have a birthday right after school was pretty simple here for KG and we've got 'high standards'...cut circles & squares, color in lines, write her name, count to 10, say the ABC's...that kind of stuff.  There must be a loophole somewhere :)
Take it easy Cat~

isoldhimonebay said...

Glad Gracie's party went well.  The Children's Museum should be a lot of fun for the kids...and maybe even the adults :)  

Hope your head feels better!!


grooviernoodles said...

Hey Cat!  Thanks for the pimpin'!  I'm loving my new home over there, and every little bit o' pimpin' helps.  :)

I do the same thing as you -- I scream at other peoples' kids when they run in the street or play with matches or whatever.  All the neighborhood kids think I'm mean, but I'm good with that.  heh