Sunday, February 13, 2005

Grammy goings on....

I'm watching the Grammy's and so far, I like what they're doing.  I thought  the introduction was awesome :)  I love everybody they had on~and it all sounded so good together at the end!  

Alicia Keys (isn't she just gorgeous?!) and Jamie Foxx truly got off with the tribute to 'an old friend'.... My favorite song ever is Georgia (on my mind).  Something from my childhood.  And every time I hear it.... I cry.  Damn it~and I made it a long time without crying!  Time to break myself of that~so guess what my next journal song will be :)  

I don't get the chance to listen to music often, unless I'm upstairs or in the car.  Well, we listen to music, but its kid stuff, classical, foreign, not usually on a radio station stuff... unless its NPR, of course.  (I'm a sucker for Garrison Keillor...his voice).   

I don't have a problem with music, but I certainly don't want my 3-year-old walking around singing 'Drop it like its hot'!  Her dad doesn't want her to listen to any of it.. ever, as far as he's concerned (and he's a DJ).  But he knows that's not realistic, too.  

Oh sweet... U2 is on  :)    :)  Double smileys!  Bono~ whewww...... and I love this song, too.  That's the thing about the Grammy's- a little of everything, just the way I like it.....  I write down songs as I hear them~then download them, from my secret spot    :::winks:::  

Cool, too, for Zeppelin winning the Lifetime Achievement Award.. Green Day won for 'American Idiot'  :)  And Queen Latifah is doing a great job as hostess for the evening.   Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez are on now, first time appearance singing together for the couple.  Good thing I understand Spanish, too :::laughs:::  Its a really beautiful song about 'Our Lives'.  And damn, her dress is hot!  Then again, I expect nothing less from her~she's beautiful, too.   

Oh sweet hell~Southern Rock... time to get up and shake it, again  :)  Gretchen Wilson is one of those singers who will be around a very long time.  Her voice is refreshing, and different.... Lynyrd Skynyrd is the epitome of Southern Rock, too....   

And this next song is my first dance with a guy song... 'Fooled around and fell in love'.  'Ramblin Man' is another one from my kid days.... Wow... I love this :)  And no better way to end than with 'Sweet Home, Alabama'....ahhhh.... Ok, sweating now  :)  

I bought this CD of the Queen's... the Jazz one.  Her voice is enchanting, no matter what she sings.... Jazz and the Blues are what I listen to most often, with country, alternative, and classical in between.  (I even like Opera, Big Band, and Canteen music :)   

Maroon 5 had some pretty tough competition in the 'New Best Artist' category... they beat out Kanye West, Gretchen Wilson, and Joss Stone (who I just love)... I'm going to have to check into them now.   Green Day is on again, singing their winning hit.  I usually listen to them when I'm hanging with my brother and the boys... 

Ricky Martin, I've been a fan of his since he was in Menudo (I was a preteen and took Spanish from 6th grade until my senior year).  Alicia Keys just won... she's so fine~ a true complete package!  

While there's a commercial on, I must tell you... I ran into my first true love today while buying a booster seat for Grace.  I heard his voice ~its loud and obnoxious and unforgettable.  I tell you I about went in my pants!  Twice!!  We made eye contact, and I know he knew who I was.. I didn't say a word.  Smiled and carried the box (No carts available~it was 'Big Lots' for those who have them in their areas..)  I'll do an entry about him next... I was trying to look to see if he still wore a ring....  

Oooooo, Kaaannnnnyeeeeee, Baby!  <shivers down my spine on what I would do with that>   Listen to the words... Grace could listen to that, for sure.  Daaay-yummm.....  Good thing I still need to take a shower... or I'd need another......  The special effects were cool to.   

'I'll fly away'... another great song (so, many I forget about them all).  This one was also sung on the soundtrack to 'O Brother, Where Art Thou', which I own, of course.   Kanye West wins, I didn't pay attention for what... His acceptance speech is on the money, though :) 

Now, Joss Stone is participating in a tribute to Janis.  Joss is another who'll be around awhile.  If you've never heard her... check her out soon.  Melissa Ethridge (shaved head and all) is joining her in one of Ms. Joplin's greatest hits.... 'Take another piece of my heart'... maybe that'll be my next J-song  :::laughs:::  

Tim McGraw is on with 'Live like you are dying'... some music just makes you cry....  But in a good way :)  If this song doesn't get to you... you either have no emotions or on great anti-depressants...  

A tribute to the Carter Family for Lifetime Achievement for Gospel.  Yea!  Loretta Lynn won for best country album...  The Coal Miner's Daughter is still at it...  nothing but smiles from me on that, too :)  

John Mayer is on now.  He sings mellow music.. for when I'm chillin :::winks:::  kinda like Dylan... to me.  Lisa Marie Presley is on presenting for best rock group or duo, won by U2....   

The Tsunami Relief Group effort was awesome, singing 'Across the Universe' from the Beatles.  Song of the year is taken by John Mayer for 'Daughters'.... I'm not surprised.  

Taking a shower... so I'm going to miss some awards and performances.  

Ok, I'm back... man, there were a lot of performers who passed away.... and no one better to sing here than Bonnie Raitt... my dad liked her when he was younger  :)  do you guys know I adore organs?!  Musical ones, I'm talking about here...  

We're on to the Album of the Year.  And the award goes to..... 'Genius loves company' from Ray Charles, God rest his soul....  So, that was the last award.  I think it was one of the best I've seen in a long time...  

Alright... I'm off to bed.  Mondays are so long, but only four classes left after tomorrow  :)  

Happy Heart Day!  

Have a nice night, everyone.....  


PS~ I don't believe alerts are working still... hopefully, I won't miss anyone  :)


redbaranjj said...

Thanks for filling me in!!  I didn't get to watch the show.  Too much other stuff going on tonight with Valentines Day at school tomorrow. :(  Sounds like I missed a great show.  
Have a good day tomorrow, and Happy Valentines!!!

sarajanesmiles said...

Happy Valentine's Day :o)
Cool hearing all about the Grammy's, love Joss Stone!!
Sara   x

thelovetrain said...

'Green Day - American Idiot', wins! That in itself, makes my night. [:)]

'John Mayer', he's all right.

'Ray Charles', tadpole!

Happy Valentine's Day, sweetie Cat.

~Love, Brian  @---->---

isoldhimonebay said... made me wish I would have watched the Grammy's...LOL  I love Gretchen Wilson too!


visionarydiva1 said...

Hey Cat, I think it was cool especially the beginning. Now I am a fan of all kinds of music but I was disappointed with the hip hop selections. I think there should have been more. There has been so much going on in hip hop and it would have been nice to see more of it. I think last year was better. Oh and ALL HAIL THE QUEEN she was looking toooooo good all night


vernae69 said...

Me love em all!  I love music that makes me cry, don't know why, maybe to remind myself I'm still alive~~  HOORAY for Maroon5, man the things I want to do to the lead singer would definitly reserve me a spot in Hell, oh that boy would get it good!  Bill met Led Zepplin once, he was at a convention, and was at the front desk of the hotel, and here comes Robert Plant, I think, up to the counter, stands next to Bill, and he about passed out, shook his hand, he asked if he was attending their concert, he said no, no tickets, he said hold on, 5 minutes later, WALA!  2 tickets to that nights show...he took his Dad, at my request, I'm not big on concerts...but Bill promised me last year, if Coldplay ever came to town, he would have me in the front row...I wouldn't settle for anything less.

~Later my Meow Mix~