Friday, February 18, 2005

Thursday, on Friday....

I started writing this yesterday.  Luckily, I've learned to save (or try to) my entries several times throughout the process of writing and adding it into here. Which was a good thing, because I was getting some music files and AOL went nuts... again.  

So, this is yesterday's entry--first for today :)  

Well, today seems okay... sinuses still a little throbby.... but nothing I can't handle.  Thank Goodness, too :)   Now let's keep hoping all the other germy's I've been exposed to bounce off....  

Gracie is at school, of course without a nap... I'm sure she'll be a grump when I pick her up.  But that's ok, I'll put her down when she comes home and have some more peace and quiet  :)   And I need to look up some property sites for her Dad still. 

Now that alerts are working, again.... for the moment... I've been getting caught up on my reading here (and it takes priority over looking up property :)  

Why is it, I can't remember everyone I read without being alerted for it?  Are we all alert dependent or is it just me?  Hell.... I can't even remember to come back and look for comments in my own J's..... having just read some that were done days ago... I must try harder not to use alerts so much.

A few hours later..... 

Well, Grace never took a nap, so she went to bed early :)  Which means I get to watch 'Survivor' in peace....  I wish the winner would be chosen  by surviving, not by personality or who got people mad less.  Oh well, guess my opinion only counts if I'm a writer for the show....  

I'm so tired tonight, I may not make it through the show. I haven't slept that well the past few nights, despite my self medicating :)   

Off, with my head....  



isoldhimonebay said...

I'm totally dependent on alerts too.  Shame Shame!!

Survivor is a must around  I wish they would have kept the singing lady on the show.  She would have been good  

Hope you get some rest!  


redbaranjj said...

isn't it funny how we can't live without alerts...all we have to do is click the link in our sidebars...but still I can't function without an
I think survivor will be pretty interesting this season...I hope so, last season was so boring till the end.
hope you feel better soon!

alilcountrycharm said...

Hope you feel better soon ((cat))
Alerts are somewhat working but not back to 100% yet. It's been like that for quite awhile. I'm so alert dependant it isn't even funny:(  My life just seems sooo busy lately.
I never could get into survivor..I really tried too after friends went off the air.
Love & Hugs,

vernae69 said...

I know all to well, about having to save half way thru an entry, I'm in wireless hell woman!

thelovetrain said...

Hurry up and get well, Cat, so that you'll be able to re-tire my eyes with a couple of back-to-back, effortless 25,001 characters entries, on kids and school. [:P]

Writing of "retire", it's almost my bedtime. [:O] <~(yawn)

Goodnight, sweetie. [:)]

~Love, Brian  @---->---