Thursday, February 24, 2005

Letter #2 to AOL....

 Mood:  Don't even ask!

Dear AOL  

Hello.  It's me, again.   

I know my routine is getting old by now, but, quite frankly, so is yours.  You see, I feel I have important things to say; emotions to vent.... or, in this case, write about and I can't seem to get that accomplished.  That makes me a very unhappy camper.  

Where to begin?   

Oh, yes.  I took these great pictures and I'd love to be able to share, but can't seem to get them into the F('in)TP Space.  Well, it's not like you don't make me think I'm going to get them there.   I mean, I get to name it, and select it, and hit send and all..... but then nothing ever happens.  At least I'm no longer getting the 'Too many gateway sessions' message anymore........  

Except trying to close FTP usually means an AOL shut down and a reboot.  As if that would be the end of things, I'll get reconnected at 4800 bps~dinosaurs walked faster.   

So you know for next time, I normally get dinner and some chocolate involved before I'm teased.  I'll be waiting for my Hershey's in the mail.  You can let me know about dinner.  For the money I spend on your services and lack thereof, it'll be on you.  

Of course, to go with my pictures, I'd like to write some phrases to explain them.  I do the writing part (and I learned to save every entry pre-posting, too~thanks so much!) and attempt to add the entry into my journal.  I foolishly hit the save button, which causes AOL to go bezerk and shut down. 

So I gave up, and now have withdraws and 'mail-waiting-to-be-sent' folder ever increasing in size.    I could ask for free time, or a refund for the useless time you've cost me.  But I'm not out for blood..... yet.  No, right now, I'd settle for being able to let my friends in on my kid's event last night and my day today.  Is that too much to ask for?   I didn't think so, either.  

The second time I tell my kid to do something and she doesn't respond, she gets a time out.  So, when you're done reading this letter, go to the 'Naughty Place' for one minute per year of age.   

Thank me for my support,  


PS~ I wrote this yesterday, just couldn't get it in.  Look for your shipment of KY Jelly soon.....


sieblonde said...

Don't pull your hair out.  Use to store and post all your pictures.  It's free and easy.   So far, it's not given me one problem in 6 months.  ~Sie.

djzgirl71 said...

LOL LOL LOL I got some KY!!!!


vernae69 said...

FUCK YA CAT!  Oh, that was so brilliant!

sugar1337 said... seems to cause insanity doesn't it?

redbaranjj said...

I am so with ya on this one!!!  Sure hope they read it...oh...what am I thinking?  duh!

quartrlyfecrysis said...

no kidding!  the least they could do for raping you in the arse is buy you a decent dinner ;)  

thelovetrain said...

Ah heared, AOL's got a perrrrrty mouth. [:P]

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