Friday, February 18, 2005

Stating facts....

I had a couple experiences this week I never fully shared.  I did mention part of the first in my Grammy entry.  

One happened last Sunday as I was buying Gracie a booster seat at Big Lots (for those who don't have stores by this name~its a surplus store that sells overstock and discontinued stuff really cheap).  I got an Eddie Bauer high-back booster seat for $50.00 (65% off).   

It was hard to close the latch on her carseat in Mom's car (it was an over-the-head bar type~not my favorite).  I prefer the 5-point harness type restraint, they just look safer to me and more comfortable.....  

So, I go in and find the last one of the type I wanted.  The box was open, so I'm all bent over looking inside trying to make sure all the parts are there, instructions, etc.... when I feel people go by.   It looks fine, so I grab it in its huge box. 

There were no carts available, so I'm carrying this open box when I heard the voice I never thought I'd hear again.   I turned around to see HIM.  We made eye contact.  I think I smiled my evil grin, but I can't remember... it happened so fast. 

Once I realized it was actually him, I tried to get to a place I could observe without drawing too much attention to myself.... after all, I really didn't want to strike up a conversation.  Just get some answers like why is he working there?  Is he still married?   

I never could see if the ring was on his finger.  I couldn't remember if he ever wore a ring.  He was my first love.  He would've been first at 'other' things, but he was stationed in Okinawa... and I was 17, and in search of love... here, now.  So, he was second on the other... I think.  It's been 20 years....  My, how time flies....  

He still looked the same.... and unfortunately, still sounded as loud and obnoxious as always.  You know, the 'God's gift' type... although far from it, in reality....  I know he recognized me as much as I did him.  It was after me, that he got married.  

See, I have this thing about being the last girl someone dates before the men get married.  It has happened with every man I have dated, except for Grace's dad.  I give a whole new definition to 'always a bridesmaid, never the bride'.  

The first was Jimmy, who I dated while Tom was gone.  Jimmy and I dated for a year.  I have never been one to make demands, so he had it pretty easy.  Then one day, he called my friend, Connie, and told her he ran into an old girlfriend at a gas station.   

This chick was pregnant by another man, but he left her.  Next thing I know, about 6 days later... Jimmy and his new love are at the JP, getting hitched.  It seems she didn't want her kid to be born to a single mom.  I was floored.  I couldn't grasp what had happened it was all so fast.  I still see Jimmy, though we don't speak either.   

Then Tom came home, and we dated for two years.  I was at work at the hospital.  I still worked in Dietary then, so I had people all around me.  When the same friend called to tell me Tom had met someone and was going to marry her.  I think I lost my composure.... I can remember a buddy coming up and hugging me and that's it....  

There were a few more, along the way... though they weren't as hard to take as these were.  Most likely because I almost expected to happen.  In time, I've come to view it as a blessing more than a curse.  I didn't want to be married to any of those guys  :)  

The second thing that happened was on Wednesday, at work.  I went in to find Mrs, Lead, and #'s 2, 3, and Speckled girl, for 16 kids.  As I wrote already, the new girls did nothing but cry.  I was trying to comfort one of them, Emily, and this girl was crying like I was hurting her.  Well, I look up and see Speckle eyeballing me and mouthing some crap about I don't know what I'm doing.  Strike 1.  

So, I say to her  "I can't get her to stop" and I put her down.  She knows Speckle because she is a floater and goes to all the rooms.  Emily goes back over to her and is still crying.  It's almost snack time, so Speckle gets up and goes over the wall to help out and Emily starts up again. 

I'm on the floor with Ms. Hurricane, making sure she's not tackling anyone.   Speckle spats at me "why don't you pick her up?" I said "Because it'll just make it worse, she's not used to me yet." (Emily had only been in there for two hours).  That prompted her to roll her eyes at me....  I'm starting to feel my blood pressure rise now.  Strike 2. 

I already didn't feel well, having not started medicating my sinuses.  I was waiting....  

Luckily for Speckle, Susie came in and moved her to a different room.  She has no idea how close she came.  Neither does anyone there, actually.  I can handle anything, even disrespect from a kid.  But when I'm not 100%--that changes the dynamics of it all.  I don't tolerate people making things harder for me~especially when sick.  

Now, I know to avoid her when possible.  And hope she's not around much.  I'm not sure why we had 5 people in the room anyway.  We normally only have 4, ratio must be 4:1 max.  Must have been an overscheduling error.....

On a me note~I seem to be getting better, guess the antibiotics are working as fast as I was told  :)   

Hope everyone has a great night....  



vernae69 said...

Always a bridesmaid....I always found myself falling for the "unavailable" ones, married, girlfriends...never stopped me though, yeah, I know, what a bitch!

~Self-Proclaimed Home-Wrecker Nae~

sarajanesmiles said...

Awww, hope you feel better soon :o(
Speckled girl sounds a right bitch, am guessing she's lucky she only got to strike 2!!
Sara   x

redbaranjj said...

So you didn't say...did you get the answers?  I always hate running into an "x"'s always so uncomfortable...but I do love rubbing my happy life in their faces kind of thing! LOL.  
That ummm "thing" at work...I think I would have lost it on her big time!!  She was lucky you didn't!!!  
Hang in there and feel better soon!!!

quartrlyfecrysis said...

ugh, bumping into the X's!  This is why I move...hehehe!  I think I've bumped into one X in my life, and it was one of those great times when I was better off than he was and I could see the green of jealousy in his eyes...tssssss, burn!  oh man, and I looked good that day!  and was out buying a house!  with another man!  double burn!!  Thanks for reminding me, that was a wicked day!  
Golly gee, now I can't think of anything but his face...and wanting to smack Miss Speckle!  but, I'm really glad that you're feeling better...that Zithromax stuff is great :)
Take it easy doll~