Thursday, February 3, 2005

No Shop-Talk Thursday...

Call me crazy, it certainly isn't the first time-but I love doing taxes.  Before computers and software came along, I would do all my friends taxes~for a much cheaper rate than H & R Block, let me tell you.....  

When I started working at the hospital, I was swimming in a steady stream of cash~ without having to put out anything but some brain cells.  I charged a flat 10% rate of their refund for my services.  It may seem low, but I believe best quality at cheapest price brings in many more clients.   

Also, consider the fact most of these workers were on the bottom of the hospital food chain--Dietary, Central Supply, and Environmental Services.  I mostly dealt with single moms with at least two kids each, also some receiving EBT Assistance, so you know the tax refunds were always over a grand, minimum.   

Even as I transferred up the business ladder, these people always were the ones I was comfortable being around.  I could always go to the basement for some stress relief.  (When Wayne worked there, it was a whole different type of stress relief.... man, did we..... um....'christen'.... lots of places at work  :) But those stories will be saved for other places....... ahhhh, the good old days.....  :::smiles:::  

So, anyway, from the end of January until mid-April~I had money coming from someone before every weekend.  Sweet it was.  It helped pay for school, clothes, partying, and whatever else....  It was a great ride though.   Funny that I had more business before tax software programs came out.  Now that it is so much easier to do... I only do taxes for a few people. 

I'll probably make only $300, but its more than I've done since I left the hospital, too.  I've thought about working for a tax place, but I would make an hourly wage and that sucks, plus having to do it on their hours..ewww.  Why not get other clients myself?  Because I'm not keen on doing it for people I don't know.  Mostly due to the fact I don't trust people easily.  So putting my name (as 'Preparer') on Federal Documents means I have to trust you first.  

I started on Wayne's last night.  I had to add up all his receipts for the year, which was only around $5000.  He does work two jobs, one being a 3-hr stint in the pre-dawn hours at FedEx. The other working at his electrician job, 7am-3 pm in Kokomo, an hour drive --one way.  So, finding time to organize events on his own has been difficult.  But it did teach him to appreciate all that I did~so the next time someone does this for him....maybe he'll not take it for granted.....maybe.  

I should have his done tonight, so I can get paid Friday  :)   I need to buy new contacts soon.  Am thinking of getting brown this time, normally I get green (I love green eyes) and a bright blue.  My eyes are blue, but they are more gray looking than blue.  If I wear silver or gray eye shadow, my eyes totally pick the color up and look 100% silver.... I freak folks out with that one :::winks:::  Eyes to match the tongue ...lmao.  But I'm still thinking brown.....  

My girl is at school and I would try to get something accomplished, but my head seems to be lagging behind the rest me today.  Seriously, I turn my head and I get dizzy for a millisecond or two, until I can get focused~its really kind of strange, yet intriguing.... My sinus feel like they're going to burst anyway.....  It just better not be a sinus infection!  I haven't had one in decades......  Thinking positively  :)  

Ok, I have an hour before Gracely-Girl gets out, so I'm off to get something done.....  

Have a nice day, ya'll  



vernae69 said...

I hate tax seems that everyone gets thousands of dollars back but me!

sarajanesmiles said...

We have our taxes taken straight from our wage packets here, it's all worked out for us.  Hubby has to do his taxes though, being self employed.  The forms are pretty detailed but simple, and they help you out at the tax office as long as you don't leave it till the last minute.  No taxes to work out, but no tax rebates either.  Not sure which is best!!!
Take care hon, and enjoy your wages :o)
Sara   x

redbaranjj said...

Hubby loves to do taxes too...and he prepares taxes for quite a few people in our family....but doesn't get paid :(  

quartrlyfecrysis said...

H&R Block SUCKS!!!!  I got audited a few years ago because of them and the people at IRS told me that most of the audits they do on people are associated with H&R Block!  I even paid extra when I got the taxes done for the 'insurance' in case something happened, they'd pay for it, NOT!  They said it was my fault that their tax preparer did the forms wrong and refused to pay ANY of it.  We do our own taxes now, no more of that nonsense.  I strongly recommend that people DON'T use H&R Block, and everyone I had to deal with at IRS recommended the same.
Am sure glad you got some extra $$ flowing in from it!  I hope you're feeling better doll :)