Saturday, February 19, 2005

Happy Birthday 'to my baby daddy'...

Today is Grace's Dad's Birthday.  He is 50, half a century old, Silver, in anniversary years. 


He is unlike most 50 year olds I've met.  He works two jobs through the week, and another one the weekends.  He works out daily, or every other day, minimum.  He never has eaten on a regular basis, but only does so when he's hungry.  He rarely eats out and hardly ever touches junk food.

                            Picture from Hometown  

He keeps himself current in music, fashion, news, politics, and most other things.  He is honest, all about respect~giving and getting, and I believe he will be loyal to the one he chooses to marry.  He is a good man.  He is a good father, though not given the opportunity to prove that often.  He sees Grace more than the others.



                                                                                                    He is intelligent.  His thoughts will intrigue you, if not astound at times.  He is ambitious and makes it contagious to those around him.  He has never smoked, or done drugs, and rarely drinks~despite having been in a fraternity in college.  

I think the world of him.   


Happy Birthday, Wayne~ My soul is connected eternally......  



redbaranjj said...

What a wonderful and beautiful Birthday entry Cat!!  ( A very good looking man!!)  Happy Birthday to him!!  

djzgirl71 said...

Happy Birthday Wayne!!!


sarajanesmiles said...

Happy Birthday Wayne!!
High praise indeed :o)
Sara   x

isoldhimonebay said...



vernae69 said...

Happy Birthday Wayne!   Woo, he's a looker, Cat!


thelovetrain said...

What a 'loving' birthday entry, dear. [:)]

"Happy Birthday Wayne."

(Goodnight, Cat)

~Love, Brian  @---->---

quartrlyfecrysis said...!  hold on, I have to pick my jaw up off my foot and clean up the drool ;)  he's a hottie, Cat!  You lucky girl you, and lucky little Gracie to have such a loving Daddy and good role model for the men she'll meet :)
Lots of Happy Birthday Wishes!!