Saturday, February 12, 2005

Saturday's Sharks....

 Today's errands turned into more of an adventure.  I had only planned on going to the store for a few items, but instead opted to go with Mom and Gracie who were going to a place called 'Sharkies' to eat, then to the park (it was 55 F outside today).  

Well, I wasn't impressed with the food at the place as all they offered was pizza.... and that's a hit or miss with Grace.  Sometimes she'll eat it, sometimes not..... and most times-its not.  So we got ice cream because she was into the extremely large fishtank with sharks in it (Um...hence the name :)    I liked the place, though. 

There was one wall that was completely painted into a mural of an underwater scene, Nemo and SpongeBob included, with stuffed sharks hanging from the ceiling (I didn't ask if they were real or not), but they looked like it.  They have a small game room with skeeball-2 versions of it, an air hockey table (I love to play it, too), and a video game with Ms PacMan and Galaga (two of my childhood fav's).  So, Gracie and I played a couple games.  

Her favorite saying now is "You're the best!"  So, everytime we rolled a ball and more tickets came shooting out of the slot, she say "Oh Momma, you're the best!"  She wouldn't turn them in though~they were hers she said  :)  Hey.... the girl still has our ticket stubs from the State Fair last August.....  My little packrat  :)  

After ice cream, we went to a new Mexican place (new meaning one we'd not been to before).  The food was okay, pretty bland for Mexican food though.  Grace ate a lot and that was the point.  They had some very cute and nice smelling waiters, too.....  I should've ordered them for lunch  ;)  

Next we went to get some parts on my glasses replaced.... I cannot wait to order more contacts!  Glasses drive me nuts....  but I do love sunglasses... almost as much as shoes  :)  While I went into the optical shop, Mom and Grace went to the store (a few shops down). 

We met in Fashion Bug because I wanted to check out their clearance stuff... I wasn't happy with the choices.  But I did get a pair of pants for work.  I should be set for work clothes until warm weather hits~then I have no idea what I'll wear.  

Gracie was worn out after the last stop, good thing we were finished.  We came home, she played with 'Aunt' Karen for awhile.  I gave her a bath (though she was begging for a shower) and put her tired butt to bed.  Now I have to get my tired butt to bed at a decent hour tonight  :)  

I imagine we'll go back to Sharkie's if anything for the games and ice cream.  Its a nice little place to get away for awhile.  And since Gracie hasn't quite grasped the concept of skeeball~ one quarter lasts a long, long time  :)  And I can polish up my Galaga skills! 

Doesn't take much to make this girl happy  :)  

Have a nice night J~Land.....  



pixiedustnme said...

Sure, get in bed at a decent hour - good luck with that!

perkysgrl said...

Sounds like a great day with the Girls!
Mexican and Ice Cream all in the same day... My kind of day!!

mrccgoody said...

Mmm, dessert before dinner, that's the way to do it! It sounds like a good (tiring) day! I hope you were able to get to bed early...I thought I'd do that tonight, too, but here it is 1:30 am and I'm still up (yawn) ... good intentions and all!

sarajanesmiles said...

"Oh Momma, you're the best!"  
I love that, will have to teach J that one ;o)
Sounds like a great day to me, all that and Ms PacMan too!
Sara   x

quartrlyfecrysis said...

sounds like a fun day!  the shark place sounds really cool ;)
I hate wearing my glasses too, course sometimes I hate the contacts too!  pokey eye stuff is never good!
Glad you had a time this weekend doll!

redbaranjj said...

Sounds like you had a great day!  Sharkies sounds really cool...a nice place to let Gracie blow off some energy...and you too!  ;)

isoldhimonebay said...

Galaga and Ms. if that doesn't make ya feel old...LOL

"Mom you're the best"  How sweet!!!  Look at the bright side...better to have tickets laying around than the junk they trade you for the tickets.  

Hope you got a good nights rest :)