Tuesday, February 22, 2005

UGH! Quick, give me Tylenol....

I picked the girl up from school, fed her, and put her down for her nap.  I decided to attempt to watch Dr. Phil, since I was alone.  Did anyone else watch this show?  OMG!  I wanted to smack each woman on it.

If you missed it (you didn't miss much), he was talking to couples who had weddings go awry.  Not the type one might see on America's Funniest Videos, but one's where the disaster continued into the marriage.  

Now, as you know, I've never been a girl who dreamt of her wedding day.  I never dwelled on wanting that 'perfect day'.  Why?  Because I've always known that marriage is not about the wedding day (thanks Mom and Dad).  I'm more for a quickie JP (justice of the peace) ceremony and spend all the money on the reception type of chickie :)  

People (more specifically, women) who believe that if their wedding day doesn't go perfectly, their entire marriage will be doomed ~ should not ever get married.  It is totally unrealistic to expect everything to go as planned.  If it does-great!  I'm just saying do not expect it.  

As a matter of fact, I would assume everything would get screwed up just to try to prepare myself mentally for when it actually does.  My life philosophy is 'Expect the worst and hope for the best.'  I doubt my wedding day would be reason to change that.   

This one lady, who I wanted to jump through the screen and choke for a few minutes, was whining because it rained on her wedding day.  So now, when she and her husband disagree on what movie to see--the lady is like "Well, lets just get a divorce then!"  Um.... hello?  Be glad I'm not your man  :)  I'd be wishing you luck that the door didn't smack your ass on the way out..... then again.....  :)  The whiny ass woman- child who cried divorce when she doesn't get her way... boo F'in hoo.  

Then, the woman who was pissed because her husband got temporary amnesia!  Come on....  Like he could help it.   Her father punched her husband at the reception (it was supposedly a friendly 'welcome to marriage, son-in-law, kind of hit on the jaw).  The hubby fell backwards and ended up in the hospital.   

The couple missed their honeymoon and their wedding night together.  The woman was saying that their whole marriage is sour because they missed their consummation that night.  Well.... um.... I bet its a safe guess to say they had already slept together before they got married... so what's the big deal?!  Why would sex on your wedding night change a marriage?  I so don't get it.  

 Isn't it possible that these women's expectations got the better of them?  I mean, no one really believes that if their wedding is not perfect-it can really affect the marriage.... do they?  Please tell me no.  

Unbelievable~shaking my head.......  



vernae69 said...

I agree...I had no desire for a big wedding, and I hate when my friends and family go bonkers over it...it's not worth it, elope and get over it!


happysunshien said...

omg that is too funny! lmao....


sarajanesmiles said...

Well you make total sense to me!!
I got married in a registry office, just a small group of family and friends.  Had my reception on a barge on a canal :o)  It was so fun, lots of food and drink and music of my choice all afternoon!!  Then, when everyone else left to go home, my hubby and I - with my Brother and his girlfriend - went to the pub, me still in my wedding dress, where we had more drinkies and ate sandwiches and chips :o)  Perfect, even if it did rain!!
Sara   x

redbaranjj said...

When Jim and I got married, we did the cheap but tasteful reception...it was all about the actual getting "married" part that was important in our eyes.  Our reception was still a ton of fun with family and friends...and things went wrong left and right...but Jim and I still have a wonderful marriage.  My sil on the other hand...wedding cost close to 100,000.  And she still sleeps over at my mil's house a few times a week!  They are always fighting...and now they are talking about starting a family...yeah, like that will help!!  :::shaking my head:::  So I didn't need to see Dr. Phil...I live it with my inlaws...LOL.

thelovetrain said...

I wike to pway in the wain, especiawy wif a giwl. [:P]

~Wuv, Bwian  @---->---



djzgirl71 said...

I did a tasteful small scale wedding at my house in our backyard.  I wanted it to be elegant yet inexpensive.....I went for a Hawaiian Luah theme/beach theme.  It was well worth it...HOWEVER< my wedding was a freaking absolute nightmare!  EVERYTHING that could have gone wrong did!  Our DJ didn't even show..he got thrown in jail on his way LMAO!  My cake topper was broken before the wedding, everyone including my mom and maid of honor was pissed at me, the flowers from Hawaii were two days late and wilted.....you name it it went wrong!  Trust me there has been times when I thought omg is this why we have had so many problems??  NOPE!!!!!!  Our marriage is strong and beautiful...respectful and complete.  Wedding day schmedding day......


quartrlyfecrysis said...

OMG, if my happiness in life was determined by my 'ideal wedding' I'd already be miserable.  According to my life plan, I should have just gotten married, have a college degree, a great career and just now be planning my children.  HA!  Then life got in the way ;)
'Expect the worst and hope for the best.'  I take the same philosophy on expectations.  I'd be expecting every possible thing to go wrong with my wedding and would be perfectly happy if just ONE thing went right!  
I want a small simple wedding, some bed and breakfast weekend in the mountains...just close family and friends, nothing fancy shmancy....the only thing I MUST have is a dress I love and some GREAT photos, gotta have that timeless black and white photo!
<sigh> maybe one day, either that or my life will just be over!  hehe
Now you got me running off at the keyboard ;)

delela1 said...

Oh Cat, I'm with you 100%.   I mean, who wants to be 'Bride-zilla' anyways.  I can't those shows anymore...women like that come on and I start yelling at the tv!!!!   I scared my poor Dad once, so much so that he shut the tv off and flat out told me that I was getting WAY too emotionally involved, and I needed to take a break from it!!!  Gee whiz.  Spoil sport!!!  ~Dona