Saturday, January 1, 2005

Aww, thanks guys....

I'm glad that 'The Cat House' is going over so well.   

For those who have read it, you now see my hesitation to the idea.  

For those who enjoy it, there are hundreds more stories.. as long as you want them, I'll write them.  Am toying with the idea of reader input stories (because I know there are some smoking J-Land fantasies out there....ahem, Nae, Stacy, Amy... oh, and Brian, well you could have a novel all your own).  Basically, you give me the characters and I'll write the stories.  Let me know what you think.  

For those who received access, but changed their minds after reading... please let me know and I'll remove your name.  It is not meant to be offensive (if I needed to make that clear).  

For those who lurk, cough once in a while so I know you're still breathing.  

For those who left comments, I am not surprised at all.  I knew you guys rocked! 

Thanks for the support and enjoyment...  



perkysgrl said...

Glad to hear that its all going so well... Knocking on the door... Can I come play too??


vernae69 said...

HEHEHE.  I love your new journal!  

sarajanesmiles said...

Hee hee, The Cat House will be a HUGE success I'm sure :o)
Am off to see if I missed anything there!!
Sara   x

lindainspokane said...

just stopping by to say, may u and yours have a very happy and blessed new year...


thelovetrain said...

Laughs, you must have meant to write, an 'encyclopedia'. That's might be even more realistic.

My enlightened pleasure, as always, honey. You rock more, and thanks for sharing. [:)]

~Love you, 'B'

visionarydiva1 said...

LOL!!! Girl, I know I could write some stuff but I am leaving that to you. You're so much better at it lol!!


alilcountrycharm said...

I love your new journal cat!! It's awsome ;-)
I do however need to go read the latest. I get no puter time at all when hubby is home :(
be by soon.

swebb1989 said...

so what is this Cat House J I have been Hearing about?? Please send link ASAP!