Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Two's for Tuesday....

Well, today I was initiated into the 2's room--I really like it a lot!  (Why is it when my daughter was 2, she was a little tyrant?)  All these kids were very well behaved.  Sure, we had a few arguments over toys but nothing like I expected.  

From the sound of it, most of these kids start here when they are 6 weeks old.  Everybody knows the kids because they grow up and move to different rooms.  Did I give the breakdown on the rooms?  

Well, there are two baby rooms-early (6 weeks-6 months) and an older baby (6 months -12 months), same goes for the toddler rooms (I am in the older toddler, 18 months-24 months range).  Then one class for two's, three's, and four's.  There are a lot of kids who attend on a regular basis.  

So, back to this morning... I worked from 7:30-11:30 with a lady named Cindy, this was her 2nd week there....talk about the blind leading the blind  :)  But we managed most nicely, I think.  Then another regular person came in, Angie, and she led the charge..wheww. 

I must say time goes by much faster in the 2 room  :)   They are much more interactive than the 1 year-olds.   Of course, I immediately had fans who refused to leave my side the whole time I was there.  Oh..and there is a Hispanic boy, named Adrian, who is just so cute it's ridiculous... he's my new found friend  :)  I was speaking Spanish to him as well as English.  He doesn't listen so well and I thought maybe he wasn't understanding too much of what was being said to him--but he didn't respond to Spanish, either, so maybe he's just stubborn.  But at least now I know there isn't any type of prejudice at the center as far as admittance goes....   

There's a set of twin girls, Ashleigh and Alleigh, who couldn't be more opposite of each other.  They are fraternal twins,so its easy to tell them apart too.  Alleigh is very talkative and social.  Ashleigh is quiet and independent.  They didn't even play with each other....  

A little blonde player named Charlie, was fine when I came in this morning, but quickly started coughing, his nose constantly running, and his temp spiked at 100 under his arm.  Poor baby went down fast, not wanting to play or eat, just be held and cuddled.  When his daddy came to pick him up, he started crying--I felt so bad for him.   

The handful of the room (other than Adrian at times) is Bryce.  Wow, it takes one eye on him all the time....don't turn your back or look away, because the second you do...he's up to something.    The rest of the kids were great.  They followed directions, listened very well, and played well together.  Makes me get how a structured routine does them well. 

I think any stay-home-mom would benefit from seeing the routine these kids have and trying to set one for themselves.  I definitely think kids would do better if they experienced going, part time, just to get out of the house.  If its financially feasible, of course.  

I will always believe that kids are better off at home with mom or dad as much as possible.  But once the kid is 2 or 3, I think it would actually be better for him/her to get used to going to school and learning in a social setting.  It has done wonders for Gracely, not too mention her Mommy :::winks:::  

Speaking of the girl, I need to go get her from school soon.  I didn't get to see her at all really yesterday.  When I got home last night, I went in and kissed her-she was sound asleep and didn't move an inch.  Today, she tells me "Mom, you forgot to come in and kiss me last night!", stomping her foot and sticking out that bottom lip, as she says it.  I had to laugh and then I told her I did, but she slept right through it.  I miss her tons when I'm not here......  

Have a great day......  



thelovetrain said...

Always give her 'two' smooches, please... One from me. [:)]

~Love, Brian





alilcountrycharm said...

Sounds like the kiddies keep you on you all on your toes ;-) lol. I think a job like yours can be more rewarding than we first anticipate..you sound like your having a great time there(most times) and when your as busy doing one thing after another it sure makes worktime fly by!
Thanks for all your wonderful comments in my j! I'm sorry i haven't commented in so long ;(   :::i feel so ashamed:::  but i do read all of my journal alerts so i can keep up!
Love & Hugs,

quartrlyfecrysis said...

Awww, Grace is too cute :)  I used to go get Pey out of her crib when I'd get home from work and bring her to bed with me so we could spend time together :(  I certainly don't miss those days!
Pey was in daycare...home daycares...until she was about 2, since then I've stayed home with her.  Sometimes I wish I'd done it the other way but on the other hand I'm glad I got to spend the time with her when she was finding out who she is (helps me understand how to let her grow into herself).  I think the biggest thing she lacks from not being in a 'school' setting is confidence around other kids, so part time daycare or playgroups would be ideal...I'd definitely change that if I could go back ;)
I'm so happy that all's going great for you at the daycare!