Saturday, January 8, 2005

A reason to eat your Wheaties....

 AOL News.....13-yr-old boy scores perfect score (1600) on SATs

MECHANICSBURG, Pa. (Jan. 7) - A 13-year-old Pennsylvania boy has scored a perfect 16-hundred on the S-A-T.

The standardized test is usually given to college-bound high school seniors. Lee Kennedy-Shaffer is only an eighth-grader.

He took the test in December as part of a program for gifted children at Mechanicsburg Middle School. He says he was "pretty surprised and happy" with his score.

He's not the first in his family to get a perfect score, but he's the youngest.

In June 2003 his brother Ross scored 1600 on the S-A-T as a high school junior. The oldest brother, Alan, had 1520 on the exam.

Their mother is a high school math teacher and their father is a history professor -- and the boys say doing well is expected of them.

Seriously, I want to know what they feed their kids.....


thelovetrain said...

I read that when I first signed on, Cat.

... They're feeding them, 'Expectations'. It's another brand name cereal, that's much less widely marketed, today.


sieblonde said...

Three of my sons friends scored perfect on their SATs last year.  These kids slid thru high school with b's and c's.  Scored perfect on SATs and had colleges wooing them like you'd not believe!  ~Sie

lindainspokane said...

wow! i cant even imagine having my child score that well on the test...and they had all 3 almoat perfect (the one that only got 1520 probably felt stupid!)! thats kids are smart...i know they are...but i would never expect that high from daughters best friend had to take her SATs 4 times...her dad kept making her take them over and over again since he wasnt happy enough with what she got...he kept wanting her to get higher...what does this say to our kids? if we dont think they are smart enough to make us happy?? i think i need to go eat some brain food myself! (mmm what is that anyways?? haha)


quartrlyfecrysis said...

DANG!  I took the PSAT in 6th grade (was probably around 11 or 12)in the gifted class and got a 1250....BUT DAMN!  that's crazy, crazy genius.  I want his diet listed by times meals are eaten as well as a list of daily activities and his reading guide for childhood!  ;)


viviansullinwank said...

Hi  {{{{{Cat}}}}},

I wondered what brain food those kids are getting too!  I can still remember dreading taking the SATs and that was over 30 years ago!  My son has done pretty well so far in school. His grades on some tests he took last year in 6th grade have made him eligible to participate in a program offered by Duke University. He'll take some tests comparable to the SATs next month. I'm hoping that will give him the familiarity he needs to not have the creeps about it like I did.

Happy New Year!


redbaranjj said...

If you find out...let me know!!!

valphish said...

I live near Mechanicsburg.  I can tell ya, it's NOT in the water! LOL  wow, must be in the genes.  xox

sugar1337 said...

Some people are just way better test takers than smarts I think it way more important than school smarts myself...and from the looks of that picture...that kid probably gets picked on alot in school...not my idea of fun.